Karate EC: Eva Kerekes fighting for three new medals in WUKF European Karate Championship

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AGERPRES correspondent Aristotel Bunescu reports: Eva Kerekes, winner of Romania's first medal in the European Karate Championship organized by the WUKF in Verona, has qualified on Saturday for three other finals and wants to leave Italy with four gold medals.

Photo credit: (c) Cristian NISTOR / AGERPRES ARCHIVE

Eva Kerekes (Politehnica Cluj-Napoca) has already won, on Thursday evening, the European gold medal in the veteran kumite shobu ippon open competition, and is set to fight in three finals on Sunday: individual kata, kumite shobu ippon team competition and kumite shobu ippon team rotation competition.

"In the individual competition I have the best chance, because, of the six athletes competing in the final, I am already on first place with a difference of 3 hundredths of a point ahead of second place. In the kumite shobu ippon team competition we will face off against England, while in the kumite shobu ippon team rotation competition we will meet Hungary. I hope to return to Romania with four medals of the metal we like most", said Eva Kerekes for AGERPRES.

Before the competition stage on Saturday, Liviu Crisan, chairman of the WKC Romanian Karate Federation and president of WUKF, celebrated his birthday, turning 52 years of age, together with officials, competitors and trainers. "Although I am away from my family, on my birthday I am in the midst of the great family of athletes and trainers. Several times, in the past years, I have celebrated this day during competitions, because the event calendar is very full each June. I'm awaiting Sunday evening to count the medals gained by Romania's representatives", said Liviu Crisan for AGERPRES.

The Palace of Sports in Verona hosted, on Saturday, the qualification matches for the kata and individual kumite events for cadets, juniors and seniors. It is of note that Romanian athletes have qualified for a great deal of finals, and in many semi-final level face-offs they met with competitors also from Romania, sometimes even from their own club.

There are 120 athletes representing the WKC Romanian Karate Federation in the 2014 WUKF European Championships organized by the WUKF between June 12-15, in Verona.

Romania will attempt to maintain its continental supremacy confirmed at last year's edition of the competition in Sheffield, England when the Romanian delegation topped the national rankings with 60 gold, 28 silver, and 34 bronze medals.

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