Current economic situation can only be overcome by work, say 80 pct of Romanians

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Over 80 percent of the Romanians believe that the current economic situation can be overcome by work only, with nearly half of them saying their main motivation for coming to work is the financial reward, while a third insists they work out of passion only, says a release sent by Rogalski Grigoriu Public Relations to AGERPRES.

Most Romanians (62.3 percent) think the public sector employees work less than the private sector ones.

The most important feature of an 'ideal' job is 'the fair financial reward as compared to the value of the work done', with 82.64 percent saying it. Social and professional recognition comes second (50.68 percent), next comes the atmosphere among the work fellows (39.1 percent) and the respect for the right to a private life (26.61 percent).

When asked whether they see themselves as hard-working, the Romanians answered they see themselves "as a hard-working (55.4 percent) rather than lazy (44.6 percent) people' and said "the Germans (44.5 pct), the Japanese (35.12 pct) and the Chinese (13.42 pct) are among the hardest-working peoples'.

As for the chief-to-employee relationship, the respondents said the communication between the employer and the worker is very important to maintaining a positive working atmosphere (98.6 pct).

"The Romanians do not have a positive perception of the employers, with 68.9 percent of the polled saying the employers are not models to follow when it comes to the respect for work", the survey shows.

The survey on The Romanians' Attitude Towards Work was conducted over April 25-29 on a sample of 5,887 respondents aged over 18, from the urban area and users of the platform.AGERPRES

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