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The Romanian National News Agency AGERPRES is the first news agency in Romania. The institution was called, along the years, the Telegraphic Agency of Romania or the Romanian Agency, the Romanian Telegraphic Agency "Orient-Radio" - RADOR, the Romanian News Agency - AGERPRES, the Romanian National News Agency ROMPRES and, since 2008, the Romanian National News Agency AGERPRES.

The agency was founded in March 27, 1889, as the Romanian Telegraphic Agency at the initiative of the Foreign Minister P.P. Carp. It was subordinated to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and had the duty to "relay abroad news about Romania", and from there to receive and broadcast "an exact and quick service of all the general or special interest news for Romania."

The first news telegram was sent on March 30/April 11, 1889. Since then the Agency broadcasts uninterruptedly.

Presently, AGERPRES - the Romanian National News Agency - is a public institution of national interest, an integrated media company that produces and broadcasts news and provides multimedia services (photo, graphics, audio-video), documentaries, press monitoring and data bases for mass media, private companies, as well as the central and local institutions of the state.

In its quality as an information services provider, AGERPRES is the most important press agency in Romania and the only institution represented at the level of all counties in the country, through its own correspondents. The information relayed on the various news flows of the departments respect to the highest degree the principle of objectivity and transparency, as well as the deontological code of the journalist. The flows include, daily, over 700 news items of internal and international importance, from all domains, updated in real-time.

AGERPRES continues its mission of public information, offering to the press in Romania and abroad, but also the public at large, the possibility to be connected permanently to the news and quality journalistic materials, respecting the basic principles of journalism.

Regardless of context, the Romanian National News Agency AGERPRES will still fulfill the mission that it started in 1889, that is to inform correctly, rapidly and objectively, and desires a continuation of the evolution it began, by consolidating the relations with the internal and external partners, by increasing visibility and by bettering and diversifying the written, photo and video content made available to its readers.




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