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Piano player from Oradea, Thurzo Zoltan, on Thursday said he succeeded, on June 13, to play the piano at the highest altitude he ever played, 5,325 m, in the Everest Massif, for 132 minutes.

The piano player told a press conference about his difficult journey, alone, through the Himalaya Mountains, his feelings and struggles sometimes hard to overcome.

Because of the unfavourable weather, the artist was forced to wait for eight days before he was able to play the piano. Also, one day before the concert, through a voice message, he asked his fiance if she wanted to marry him, and she said "yes."

After that, the weather turned nice again, the flight bans were lifted, and the piano was finally brought to him by helicopter with its doors removed, so that, the second day, after he harmonized his instruments, the piano player from Oradea was able to play from 1.35 pm until 3.47 pm, no less than 34 pieces by different composers, as well as 28 national anthems.

"I did record everything, I bought the necessary devices from sponsorships (...) otherwise I would have paid 7,500 Pound Sterling. I am now working on a material for next week to send it to London to get my Guinness Book certificate. This is for sure a world record, because the lady before me played at 4,900 m altitude. We measured 5,371 m with a special watch, but the Guinness teams uses the GPS, which showed 14,473 feet, meaning 5,325 m. This is the record: the highest altitude someone has ever played the piano," said the piano player.

He is 38 years old and it was his wish to register this record knowing that the previous record was held by Evelina De Lain (UK), who performed at 4,964 m altitude, in Singge La Pass, India. But the reason behind this mission of his was different.

"I did it! After I finished playing, the people around me who touched the keyboards withdrew their hands immediately, because it was freezing. I felt nothing. I was pretty OK. In the beginning I wanted to play 80 pieces, but the weather did not allow it, so this is why I only played 34 in the end. I also played 28 national anthems, out of the 32 initially planned, because I want to send these recordings to the respective states so that they can also be proud, and if the mass media there catches the news that their national anthem was played, I can make my city, Oradea, famous, and I can establish a museum of music here. I did this for the city," said the piano player. AGERPRES (RO - author: Eugenia Pasca, editor: Karina Olteanu; RO - author: Cristina Zaharia, editor: Adina Panaitescu)

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