COD GALBEN: 27-11-2021 ora 23 Intre 23:00 si 02:00 se va semnala ceaţă ce determină scăderea vizibilităţii local sub 200 m şi izolat sub 50 m in Județul Dolj; COD GALBEN: 27-11-2021 ora 22 Intre 22:00 si 02:00 se va semnala ceață care determină scăderea vizibilității sub 200 m, izolat sub 50 m, ce va favoriza, în funcție și de condițiile locale, formarea ghețușului in Județul Harghita;


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The members of the Confederal Committee of the National Trade Union Confederation (CNS) "Cartel ALFA" have decided to start street activities against the Government and its aberrant measures, according to a release sent on Tuesday by the trade union organization.

"CNS Cartel ALFA will resume protest activities against this government which is acting in a dictatorial manner, against the general interest. On the backdrop of the appearance of the new wave of COVID-19, of the elections within the parties in the governing coalition, the decisions taken by the current government continue the series of activities contrary to the legislation in force and constitutional provisions, acting in a dictatorial manner against the rights and interests of citizens. The government follows only image activities in the context of the campaign within the parties of the coalition, and the measures it takes lead to the impoverishment of the population and the consolidation of privileges of the 1 pct of the population with high wages. The economic results that the Prime Minister brags about constantly are not felt by the population, because the mechanisms by which economic growth produces development and welfare are blocked," the CNS Cartel ALFA release mentions.

The trade union organization draws attention that the economic results that the Prime Minister is constantly boasting are not felt by the population, because the mechanisms by which economic growth produces development and welfare are blocked, by lack of assumption on amending the Law of Social Dialogue, which eliminated all the leverages of distribution of economic growth depending on the accomplishments of units; through a policy of growth of the minimum wage that is not based on the Law of the minimum basket approved and promulgated in August 2020, but continues the policy of maintaining the minimum wage at a very low level; by maintaining a fiscal policy that impoverishes workers and small contributors and creates facilities to capital and rich persons.

The first complaint towards the Government mentioned by CNS Cartel ALFA is the Government policy towards energy prices.

"With cynicism and hypocrisy, the Government shows concern towards the accelerated growth of prices in utilities. Nevertheless, the Executive refused to extend the term for the liberalization of the energy market for household consumers and to take into account the social context, but also that of the energy market, in order to take the adequate measures for protection and prevention of abuse. How is it that regarding pensions, salaries, allowances, the terms could be extended with no impediment? Why is that? Is it not because there are beneficiaries of the uncontrolled growth of the prices in energy within the current deciders? The lack of responsibility towards citizens also stands in the refusal of the Government to promote by emergency ordinance the law of the vulnerable consumer, decided in the Government at 90 days after the liberalization of the energy market and sent to Parliament for notice with term of entering force 2023! This, given that we have over 17 pct of active workers under the threshold of poverty, and 2.95 million persons were in 2020 in a state of severe material deprivation (didn't have access to goods and services considered minimum for a decent living). Furthermore, approximately 1.1 million households record have outstanding bills for electrical energy, while another 3 million persons are today in the impossibility to pay on time utilities bills of current obligations (INSSE) [National Institute for Statistics]," the CNS Cartel ALFA release mentions.

Another complaint of the trade union organization is the limitation by the Government of the constitutional right to public assembly, which limits the right of citizens to participate in protest manifestations in numbers larger than 100 persons, although for cultural manifestations the maximum number allowed is 60,000 persons.

Furthermore, CNS Cartel ALFA is criticizing the intention of the Government to force unvaccinated employees in education, public order and healthcare to have to take a weekly PCR test at their own expense.

CNS Cartel ALFA is also criticizing the lack of interest of the Government towards saving the CFR Marfa company, the freight arm of national rail transporter CFR, the lack of policy coherence in the past years on agriculture, the lack of solutions to grave problems that police officers and the contractual personnel of the Internal Affairs Ministry face, the continuation of the masked privatization of the healthcare system, taking advantage of the pandemic situation. AGERPRES (RO - author: George Coman, editor: Mariana Nica; EN - author: Razvan-Adrian Pandea, editor: Simona Iacob)

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