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Custodian of the Romanian Crown, Margareta, and Prince Radu welcomed on Friday morning at Elisabeta Palace volunteers of the Invictus Romania group, participants in the 7th edition of the Veterans' Relay Race.

"Our dear Invictus soldiers, Her Majesty and I are very proud of you and every time we have a public meeting you give us a lot of hope for the present and the future. You are right, it has been more than 150 years since such meetings took place between our sovereigns and the national army and the fact that you are so young - some of you were not even born in 1989 - show us how important continuity and dignity, patriotism, courage have been for our country. We have accompanied our heroes, those who returned wounded from Afghanistan and Iraq to schools and high schools, where they told young people, senior high school students, what it really means to be a hero, not like in movies, but sometimes much more dramatic, tougher and less spectacular, please don't forget (...) the nearly 30 people who gave their lives, left their families without a father last year when Her Majesty welcomed their children at the palace: the oldest of them was 24 years old and the youngest of them was two months old, he was born after the death of his father," said Radu.

He told the volunteers that they are "a rare example of faith, love, generosity and courage in a society that is in a hurry to develop other principles, and he gave each participant a gift "as a token of affection."

"With the veterans' relay race today in the seventh edition, you take all the hope, all the pride, all the Romanian dignity often absent from the Romanian daily reality. You are a rare example of faith, love, generosity, and courage in a society that is in a hurry to develop other kinds of principles. We will offer you as a token of affection a small gift to each one so that through it you can carry on the spirit of Invictus and have us with you when we are not physically with you. We are waiting for this sad story, the pandemic, to end, with the pandemic, in order to be able to go together to the next Invictus Games, where you have so beautifully represented Romania," added Radu.