COD GALBEN: 04-07-2020 ora 10 Intre 04 iulie, orele 12 se va semnala disconfort termicZone afectate COD PORTOCALIU: 04-07-2020 ora 10 Intre 04 iulie, ora 12:00 – 05 iulie, ora 04:00Fenomene vizate se va semnala 04 iulie, ora 12:00 – 05 iulie, ora 04:00Fenomene vizate COD ROSU: 04-07-2020 ora 15 Intre 15:40 si 16:30 se va semnala averse torențiale ce vor cumula 50 l/mp - în zona avertizată s-au acumulat. în ultima oră, 50 l/mp, frecvente descărcări electrice, grindină in Județul Galaţi; COD GALBEN: 04-07-2020 ora 15 Intre 15:10 si 17:30 se va semnala local - averse torențiale ce vor cumula 25...35 l/mp, descărcări electrice, izolat vijelie și grindină de mici dimensiuni in Județul Călăraşi, Județul Giurgiu, Județul Ilfov; COD ROSU: 04-07-2020 ora 15 Intre 15:00 si 16:00 se va semnala averse ce vor cumula 30...40 l/mp, în zonă în ultima oră s-au totalizat în jur de 60 l/mp, descărcări electrice, vijelie in Județul Buzău; COD GALBEN: 04-07-2020 ora 15 Intre 15:00 si 17:00 se va semnala local, averse ce vor cumula 25-35 l/mp, frecvente descărcări electrice, intensificări de scurtă durată ale vântului, grindină de mici dimensiuni in Județul Gorj; COD PORTOCALIU: 04-07-2020 ora 14 Intre 14:15 si 17:00 se va semnala averse torenţiale ce vor cumula local 35-50 l/mp, frecvente descărcări electrice, vijelie, grindină in Județul Gorj;


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The Dr. Carol Davila Central Military Emergency University Hospital (SUUMC) is entering the "Solidarity" clinical study which consists in the application, for comparison, of four therapeutic schemes used up to now, schemes that have been proven safe and efficient in the case of most patients diagnosed with COVID-19, the representatives of the medical unit announced, on Friday, in a press release.

According to the quoted source, the criteria for inclusion or exclusion of the patients in this program are age, associated pathologies and comorbidities.

"The purpose of the study is to identify, in the shortest time possible, the best answer of the subjects to one of the four treatment schemes, so that it could be implemented, at the international level, in the specific treatment of this pathology. It must be mentioned that the project respects all the standards in regards to ethics and patient safety, in the sense that all the subjects will consent for the inclusion in this study, in full knowledge, after explaining all the stages to be undertaken," the same source mentions.

The Military Hospital is participating in the study - organized by the World Health Organization in over 40 countries - together with the Bucharest's Matei Bals National Institute of Infectious Diseases and the Dr. Victor Babes Clinical Hospital of Infectious and Tropical Diseases.

At the national level, the project is coordinated by Prof. Dr. Alexandru Rafila, head of the Laboratory of the Matei Bals National Institute of Infectious Diseases in Bucharest, member of the Executive Committee of the World Health Organization.

At the level of the SUUMC, the coordinator of the study (main investigator) is Colonel Dr. Ion Stefan, head of the Infectious Disease Clinical Section.

The teams involved in the conduct of this project are composed of specialists in infectious diseases and resident doctors in the same specialty.AGERPRES(RO - author: Roberto Stan, editor: Florin Marin; EN - author: Razvan-Adrian Pandea, editor: Maria Voican)

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