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AGERPRES Romanian National News Agency celebrates 131 since establishment on 27 March.


Since 1889 until now, AGERPRES has broadcast millions of news items, documentary materials and photographs.


After 131 years since its first news item, AGERPRES has received congratulations messages from partner media organisations and news agencies.


The European Alliance of News Agencies (EANA)

“Starting some months before, the whole world seems to have entered a road which some consider to be “of no return” - but not in a negative sense, but more like in the sense that humanity, who now has an outstanding crisis to overcome, has at the same time the positive outlook of generating huge opportunities for itself in the future. But one basic condition for the future to be one which will be based on the universal values of democracy is that the media - which hasn’t been for a long time just a “fourth power in a state” - will fight for maintaining its verticality and, even more important, its credibility and truthfulness. In following this purpose, news agencies are the very bedrock on which the entire media can set a base for future evolution. By making use of their accuracy, swiftness and credibility, news agencies have the chance to reaffirm their importance at national and international level. In a landscape marked by the chaotic movement of information, news agencies have the duty to put the general noise to order and to present reality to both partners and the public itself. On the occasion of the anniversary of 131 years of activity, under different shapes, under different political regimes, and even under different names, I am happy to wish Romania’s National News Agency a straight, unabated and fast way to evolution. And to all of the good people who play their part in this evolution, journalists or not, who try to keep the Agency on the right track, I wish them the best of success and - why not? - resilience and dedication in these difficult times for the whole Romanian society. Happy Anniversary, AGERPRES!,” EANA Secretary General Alexandru Ion Giboi conveyed, on behalf of the EANA Board.


Foto: (c) EANA


*ANADOLU (Turkey)

On behalf of the ANADOLU Agency, I express my sincere congratulations to all colleagues at the Romanian National News Agency (AGERPRES) on the occasion of the 131st anniversary. The anniversary is a proof to the significance of a news agency and highlights responsibility and determination to keep people informed correctly and regularly by broadcasting verified information. We at the ANADOLU Agency give immense importance to our friendly and professional relations with AGERPRES which is the major and reliable news source from Romania. Congratulations on your 131st year of accomplishments! Best wishes for another century of success!,” ANADOLU Agency Director General Senol Kazanci wrote.


Foto: (c) ANADOLU


*ATA (Albania)


“It is truly a privilege for me and the news agency I head to express best wishes and congratulate you on your agency’s 131st founding anniversary. Being one of the oldest news agencies in the Balkans and not only, AGERPRES has affirmed its position as a major source of information in Romania, also becoming a role model for its sister news organizations. The Albanian Telegraphic Agency (ATA) and AGERPRES have forged a close bilateral collaboration for many years now. AGERPRES has been one of the first news agencies in Europe with which ATA has established contractual relations. Highly respected colleagues! The Albanian Telegraphic Agency has been following with deep concern the latest developments about the spread of the novel coronavirus all over the world, as well as the grave fact of the loss of human lives. ATA is in touch with the world’s leading news agencies, including AGERPRES, in order to provide coverage of what is going on with incredible correctness and seriousness that characterize the agency. However, we are confident that mankind will successfully survive this challenge, just like it has done in the case of many other challenges throughout its history,” ATA Director General Armela Krasniqi voiced her hope.


Foto: (c) ATA


*CNA (Cyprus)


“We congratulate you on the 131st anniversary of AGERPRES, wishing you more and more successes in the future. Stay healthy and at the frontline of news serving the people,” Cyprus News Agency Director George Penintaex wrote.


Foto: (c) CNA


*DPA (Germany)


“On behalf of dpa Deutsche Presse-Agentur GmbH I, send you my warmest congratulations on your 131st anniversary that takes place today. Today more than ever people rely on the quality and excellence of true and unbiased news. To provide those is the guiding principle of us news agencies. AGERPRES is a member of that very special community of news agencies. We wish you all the best in your daily strive for excellency in reporting those news that really matter for our people and democracy. Happy birthday!,” said dpa Deutsche Presse-Agentur GmbH President and CEO Peter Kropsch.




*FENA (Bosnia-Herzegovina)


“In extraordinary circumstances as the ones affecting the world at the moment one can best see importance and the role of news agencies such as AGERPRES. Your 131st anniversary is a monument to our profession and I am beyond proud of the cooperation we have cherished for many years. I extend sincere congratulations to all employees of AGERPRES on this significant anniversary. I wish us to celebrate the next one together, under much better circumstances. I wish you health and success in your future endeavors!,” said Federal News Agency FENA General Manager Elmir Huremovic.   


Foto: (c) FENA


*MIA (North Macedonia)


“The Media Information Agency (MIA) congratulates you on the 131st anniversary and on functioning and addressing numerous challenges for more than a century. /…/ Challenges have always been part of our profession. Journalism nowadays is provoked by fake news, propaganda and disinformation, which have become a constant, and like never before media outlets should join forces in protecting professional journalism. In these times of major challenges for all of us, we – the state news agencies – should further strengthen our position as 'guardians of the truth' that educate the citizens and raise vital issues in the interest of the public and the society. You are well aware of it after being active for 131 years, building a media scene. We are ready to cooperate and to combine experience and the new multimedia reality. MIA wishes you many more years of successful work, professionalization, strengthening of capacities and joint cooperation in the interest of journalism, the public and unbiased reporting,” MIA Director General Dragan Antonovski said.


Foto: (c) MIA


*PAP (Poland)


“On the occasion of the 131st anniversary, I wish you all the best and congratulations for such long activity and perseverance in the media environment. But above all I wish you to survive in these difficult times for all of us! Be professional, objective and independent as always! May our cooperation be as perfect as ever! And please remember: whatever you need... You can count on us,” Polska Agencja Prasowa (PAP) President W. Surmacz wrote.


Foto: Wojtek Surmacz/


*TASR (Slovakia)


“As we are all navigating through the stormy waters of these days, the News Agency of the Slovak Republic (TASR) wishes a firm grasp of the rudder and an accurate hold on events in delivering its mission to AGERPRES National News Agency as it turns 131. Many Happy returns!,” TASR Director General Vladimir Puchala wrote.       


Foto: (c) TASR


*TASS (Russian Federation)


“On behalf of the Russian News Agency TASS and me personally, please accept our warmest congratulations on the foundation of Romanian National News Agency AGERPRES! Thanks to the talented journalists, high quality and prompt work of your agency, the world community has the most complete and relevant information about all aspects of life in Romania, its achievements and successes. I sincerely wish you and all employees of AGERPRES only good news, optimism, good health and prosperity!,” TASS First Deputy Director General Mikhail Gusman wrote.  




*Ukrinform (Ukraine)


“Dear colleagues, the staff of the Ukrainian National News Agency Ukrinform wishes you a happy birthday! Our agency has over 100 years behind, and yours has more than 130. From the point of view of modern informational and virtual youth, we are almost the same age, therefore, we know well what experience, journalistic skills, development and improvement mean. Probably, this year, in the face of epidemic, you will celebrate this day maintaining social distance, in the so-called non-contact way. Despite this, the current tragedy unites people more, especially representatives of our profession, helps to realize our role and significance in public life. We wish you to be healthy, socially protected and contribute to the overall recovery of your country, which has always been our good neighbor and ally. We virtually celebrate this day with you!,” Director General of Ukrinform Oleksandr Kharchenko conveyed.






The history of the Romanian National News Agency begins on 27 March 1889, when P.P. Carp, the Foreign Minister at that time, signs the establishment document of the Telegraphic Agency of Romania, which was broadcasting nationwide “an exact and fast service of all news of general or special interest.”


In less than one month, the Telegraphic Agency of Romania actually started its activity, by sending the first “wire,” on 11 April.


Since 1921, the National News Agency has broadcast uninterruptedly news and information.


In the 131 years of activity, AGERPRES has maintained its role of being the main source of information for the citizens and institutions nationwide, as well as the most important source of information about Romania, abroad. The National News Agency continues to update the world and provide unbiased information. AGERPRES










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