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Social Democratic Party (PSD) candidate in the presidential elections Viorica Dancila has stated in Targu-Jiu on Friday, that head of state Klaus Iohannis "is a dictator president, who wants to lead from the stand of the Presidential Administration," but Romanians want a president to respond to their problems and questions.

"What we see these days should worry us all. We see a dictator president, a president who wants to lead from the stand of the Presidential Administration, we see a president who actually is Romania's Prime Minister, we see a president who wants 'my Parliament', a president who wants 'my Commissioner' and I ask myself: then, we, the other Romanians, where do we stand? Where are you? Where do you stand in the president's decisions? Are his decisions good for us, good for this country? (...) We see a president who went like Mr. Headmaster holding the pupil by hand to tell them what to do, to vouch for these measures against people, we see a president who breached and continues to breach the Constitution," Viorica Dancila stated.

Former Prime Minister Dancila said that she didn't understand why Klaus Iohannis participated in the investiture in office of the Interior Minister, in the context in which presidential elections take place on Sunday, but also attended the office takeover ceremony of the Justice Minister.

"I understood President Iohannis's participation in the investiture of the National Defence Minister, the Foreign Affairs Minister, but I wonder, just like many Romanians in this country, what was Romania's President doing at the investiture of the Interior Minister, when he is a candidate and we have presidential elections on Sunday? What was candidate Iohannis doing at the inauguration of the Justice Minister, when, on 12th, he has a trial for the six houses? He wanted to show that he invested him 'Be careful, I brought you here, you should answer to my orders.' But we don't want this, we want for the president to answer all Romanians' questions, to their problems, the challenges which emerge for this country," the PSD candidate running for president stated.

Viorica Dancila attended on Friday in Targu-Jiu a meeting with PSD members and leaders of Oltenia counties, as well as with MPs in the area. Among those who accompanied Dancila were also former Ministers Petre Daea and Eugen Teodorovici. AGERPRES (RO - author: Oana Popescu, editor: Marius Fratila; EN - author: Rodica State, editor: Adina Panaitescu)

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