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President Klaus Iohannis on Wednesday criticized PSD (Social Democratic Party) for the modifications brought to the justice laws and brought to mind that the matter of the Special section for magistrates is still to be solved, and it will be solved.

"PSD promised you the moon and the starts, but when they came to power they did what they knew best, they placed incompetent people (many times) in high public positions, people who were, in exchange, loyal to the PSD leadership, they started to dismantle and subordinate the large public systems in Romania, and what did they achieve? They managed to take some backsteps, when there were so many chances for Romania to develop. We could have, if PSD didn't block us so many times, reached the level of the big European states. For Europe respects us, wants us. (...) PSD started to drive on the wrong way from the very first day it got at rule and stayed there. I did everything that a president of Romania could have done. I don't like to brag, I am not a man of big words, but since we already watched those videos and we managed to dismiss the two elephants, who failed to bring any amnesty or pardon, and failed to ruin the Criminal Codes as they imagined to ruin them, I want to tell you that you shouldn't think we managed to do that because their mind got better, but because I fought them. And the justice laws, you remember how many times I sent those back to Parliament and the CCR (Constitutional Court of Romania), they didn't come out perfect, but they are still better than intended. We still have, however, that matter with the Specials section for magistrates to solve, and we will solve it," Iohannis said at the regional meeting of the PNL organisations in the Bucharest-Ilfov area.

He also said "PSD people even tried to take revenge on the Romanians physically, and not metaphorically," bringing thus to mind the August 10 2018 protests, when he said the gendarmes were equipped as for "an urban war."

"The PSD people said they were not the ones who did it, for they were not in the Capital City at the time. They tried to put Romanians to silence. They failed. Romanians paid them back! They no longer stayed at home on May 26, they got out and voted and the National Liberal Party won! Now, my dears, let's mobilize our forces once more for the presidential eelctions roo, and for the local and parliamentary ones," underscored Iohannis,. AGFERPRES (RO - author: Florentina Peia, editor: Mihai Simionescu; EN - editor: Cristina Zaharia)

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