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A large protest is announced for Saturday in the Piata Victoriei of Bucharest, one year since the antigovernment manifestations of the Diaspora of 10 August, resulted in the intervention in force of the gendarmes, a release by the Bucharest City Hall informs.

According to the source, the meeting is organised by Tomescu Tommy Joul as a representative of the Diaspora for Romania Civic Action Group. The authorisation was approved for about 250.000 people.
The Bucharest Gendarmerie says the organisers communicated that the protest in Piata Victoriei will kick off at 14:00 and will last until 22:15.

So, on the Facebook page "Diaspora returns Home! 10 August 2019, ALL in Piata Victoriei!" the people are called to the manifestation as of the very first hours of the morning.

"It is very little left until 10 August 2019. Almost nothing has changed, except that Dragnea went to jail. Yet, we further have got Tariceanu, Dancila, Serban Nicolae, Nicolicea, Iordache, Plesoianu, and the list could go on. The 10 August criminal file is further unsolved, moreover it has been sent to the DIICOT (Directorate for Investigating Organized Crime and Terrorism, ed. n.) the spot where the PSD (Social Democratic Party, ed. n.) has placed its trustworthy man rd one year and a half. It is exactly because of these things on 10 August 2019 we see each other again in the Piata Victoriei. Following the talks with several people involved, this will be the general schedule of the 10 August protest: 1) the gathering kicks off at the first hours of the morning in the Piata Victoriei; 2) at 17:00 we all move to the Piata Revolutiei (Revolution Square), at the MAI (Internal Affairs Ministry, ed. n.) seat where from at 19:00 a march towards the Piata Victoriei begins. The mmarch will cover: 19:00 - departure from the MAI venue, the Revolution Square - the DIICOT seat (Calea Grivitei) - the Gov't seat (on the Calea Victoriei). It is about two kilometers, and the estimated time is half an hour," the Facebook announcement reads.

In parallel to the event in Piata Victoriei, at 17:00 a smaller protest will be staged in front of the MAI seat in Piaţa Revolutiei, the place where the people will leave for Piata Victoriei in a march at 19:00.

"At the MAI are the main guilty for the violence of 10 August 2018 and it is also the venue were that evil plan was engineered together with the heads of the Gendarmerie and other structures. At 19:00 we leave in the MARSUL DREPTATII - the March of Justice - to the Government seat, passing by the DIICOT seat, where it is currently instrumented the 10 August criminal file. DO NOT FORGET, also from the MAI (former Central Committee of the Romanian Communist Party, CC al PCR) has started the Revolution of 1989 that has ousted the dictatorship and also from here we must learn the truth and see the declassifying of the fighting log, and the guilty, Carmen Dan, Cucos, Paraschiv, Cazan answer in front of the Justice!" is written on another Facebook page.

The Bucharest protest will also be attended by the German piano player Davide Martello, known for his representations in several conflict areas around the globe.

Protests are also announced in other cities of Romania, such as Iasi, Constanta, Cluj-Napoca, Satu Mare, Craiova, Brasov, Sibiu, and abroad, in Rome, Milan, Paris and other cities where large groups of Romanians live.

On 10 August other actions dedicated to the Romanians from abroad are to be organised. So, the Romanians from abroad will be welcomed at the border by over 100 volunteers of the Declic community who will inform them about the vote by correspondence, sharing over 50,000 leaflets and offering details about how they could vote for the presidential election this fall without staying in queues.

The Declic community's campaign will unfold Friday and Saturday in the Iasi, Cluj and Bucharest airports and the Bors and Nadlac road customs.

Moreover, the Declic teams will be Saturday in the old town of Bucharest and in Piata Victoriei, to distribute leaflets with useful information about the vote by correspondence and 7-step explanations the Romanians abroad should do to get registered on the Diaspora's election website.

In addition, as of 18:00, the Declic team will place in front of the Antipa Museum a huge inflatable envelope where flyers will be distributed and information will be offered about the vote by correspondence to be used by the Romanians from abroad in the November's presidential election.

This week, the Acting Interior Minister Mihai Fifor has twice made an appeal to the participants in the protests for 10 August to be peaceful in their manifestations and obey the law. He stressed that Romania is a European country where the citizens have the right to express themselves free.AGERPRES(RO - author: Eusebi Manolache, editor: Andreea Rotaru; EN - author: Maria Voican, editor: Bogdan Gabaroi)

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