Another 60 persons rescued by Romanian border policemen from Aegean Sea

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Romanian border policemen, while on a Frontex mission in Greece have rescued 60 people from an overloaded inflatable boat that was about to sink in the Aegean Sea.

The 60 people were from Sudan Syria, Somalia and Iraq and they were rescued by the border policemen who were sailing in the Aegean Sea on the patrol boat MAI 1104 belonging to the Coast Guard, while on a Frontex mission as part of the Joint Maritime Operation "POSEIDON 2017".

As many as 60 people, among whom 19 were children, 14 women and 27 men were boarded on the Coast Guard ship, who said they were coming from Sudan, Syria, Somalia and Iraq.

The policemen offered assistance, food and water to the rescued, who several hours later were landed to safety in the Chios Port and handed over to the Greek authorities, for the specific procedures (medical assistance, identification, registration and fingeprinting etc.)

Ever since the beginning of this year, Romanian policemen rescued approximately 1,300 people, who were found in danger, on board of such small ships, in the Greek territorial waters.

According to IGPF, the "POSEIDON 2017" operation, of which the Romanian border policemen are also part, is financed by the European Union and coordinated by the Frontex Agency. AGERPRES (RO — author Soring Penes, editor: Andreea Rotaru; EN — author/editor: Cristina Zaharia)

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