PM Tudose announces mini gov't reshuffle, relevant decisions this week

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Prime Minister Mihai Tudose announced on Monday evening that a "mini government reshuffle" is next, pointing out that he will make a decision this week concerning the replacement of some ministers.

"No one is retired from this position and the first day of being a prime minister is the first day of the last days, at one point one must leave. You have mentioned that [confidence] poll. I am not a sociologist, but, also considering what I discussed with others, if you weren't born yesterday, there's no way to drop from 40 to 20 in just two weeks. (...) Even more, this is a small world, one will find out who ordered it, how he ordered it, but all right, let's move on. However, also assuming that — and here is where the resignation issue has come up from—, assuming that it is true (...), we'll see. I am there to govern for the Romanians. If the Romanians no longer believe in what we are doing, we'll all go home," Tudose told Antena 3 private television broadcaster.

According to the PM, one cannot govern "by force."

"We cannot govern by force, against what the Romanian people wants. This is where my discontent comes from and then, if things are like this, an assessment is needed to see, it is either my fault, through what I do or don't do, or there are some things in the government justifying these figures — the presence of some ministers with criminal offense issues, the lack of activity of certain ministers or the lack of results — and this week I will be making some tough, but necessary decisions," Tudose said.

Asked if this poll that was made public could be "a game", Tudose replied: "Quite correct. (...) Let us say that it is true, I start from the premise that it is true. If so, I repeat, there are two problems — either I have a problem and I must go home, or there are some problems in the government and we need to fix them."

At the same time, asked if these problems could be related to the presence in the government of some ministers investigated for criminal offenses, Tudose replied: "Yes. (...) If we are to make a reset in respect to image and some effects of the governance, I will tell you that there are still at least two ministers, whom I will ask to leave the Cabinet. (...) A mini reshuffle. (...) There are three [ministers] with problems, who, indeed, are creating problems on a public perception level and some of the situations on the European Commission level as well."

The PM also said he will take responsibility for the proposals on the reshuffle in the government and will submit them to the vote of the ruling coalition.

"I will announce it this week, I will firstly announce the party, of course, not on TV. (...) I will assume the proposals and I will submit them to the coalition voting," Tudose also showed.

He pointed out that he has already found the solutions regarding the replacements, however he hasn't made a final decision. "I don't have a final decision. I have found some good solutions, if in the meanwhile something better comes up, it's OK," the PM also said. AGERPRES (RO — author: Madalina Cerban, editor: Marius Fratila; EN — author: Adina Panaitescu, editor: Simona Klodnischi)

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