Senate passes declaration marking 20th anniversary of Strategic Partnership between Romania and the US

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At a plenary session on Tuesday, the Senate passed, 97 to nil, a declaration marking the 20th anniversary of the Strategic Partnership between Romania and the US, in the presence of former presidents Emil Constantinescu and Traian Basescu.

The draft of the declaration was adopted by the Senate "two decades after the launch of the Strategic Partnership between Romania and the US on July 11, 1997, and on the threshold of a century from the affirmation of the right of the peoples in the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy to autonomous development by President Woodrow Wilson in the Fourteen Points statement presented to the American Congress on January 8, 1918."

Senate Chairman Calin Popescu-Tariceanu, explained that Emil Constantinescu was the one who initiated, together with then US President Bill Clinton, the strategic partnership which established the relationship between Romania and the United States, a relationship that remains today the basis for Romania's Euro-Atlantic political orientation.

Tariceanu went on to say that the efforts to consecrate and strengthen the strategic partnership were continued under Ion Iliescu's term in office and that Traian Basescu signed, together with US President Barack Obama, the Joint Declaration on the Strategic Partnership for the 21st Century, the bilateral political document of reference that sets out the guidelines for relations between Romania and the US in the form of a strategic partnership.

In its declaration, the Senate celebrates 20 years of strategic partnership between Romania and the United States, reaffirming its determination to further strengthen bilateral relations on the main pillars — security, economy, democracy and the rule of law, education and culture — while recognising the historic importance of the partnership for the democratic development of Romania in the sense of its Euro-Atlantic engagement and integration.

According to the declaration, the Senate "is calling on the business community of Romania and the United States of America, as well as the executives of the two countries to work closely together to materialise the economic dimension of the strategic partnership by multiplying joint efforts so that the next decade in the strategic bilateral relationship may outline economic force as the engine of prosperity under the partnership." AGERPRES (RO—author: Livia Popescu, editor: Mihai Simionescu; EN — author: Corneliu-Aurelian Colceriu, editor: Rodica Ionita)

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