Romanian Red Cross organises the biggest first aid course

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The Romanian Red Cross organises on Saturday the biggest free first aid course at national level, on the occasion of celebrating the World First Aid Day.

According to organisers, 1,000 people from 41 county seats and from 6 districts of Bucharest city will learn, for 6 hours, first aid techniques at the Red Cross branches.

This year's theme is performing first aid in case of domestic accidents and refers to all unexpected events that can occur at home and cause injuries or death.

"The more people who know how to give first aid, the more safe we feel. The Romanian Red Cross always organizes first aid courses, but the reality shows us that no matter how many people we are training, many tragedies are still happening, tragedies that could have been avoided by using the techniques learned at these courses," Director General of the Romanian Red Cross Ioan Silviu Lefter stated.

The first aid courses have national coverage and European certification.

"In 2016, the Romanian Red Cross responded to an increased number of requests that came from various companies, institutions and individuals, ensuring first aid courses to a number of approximately 56,000 persons. Out of this total, 6,914 are pupils of 5th-8th grade — 9th-12th grade who took free first aid courses and participated in the 'Skilled Sanitarians' competition; 7,684 are adults who participated in first aid courses free of charge; 8,042 participated in other courses that also had in their structure first aid techniques and 30,129 are persons who paid to attend first aid courses," the quoted source mentions. AGERPRES (EN — editor: Rodica Ionita)

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