Economy Minister: Dambovita County projected as a hub of national defence industry

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Dambovita County could become a hub of the Romanian defence industry after the military technology project run together with Germany's Rheinmetall Corporation for the production of a new armored carrier kicks off in Moreni, Minister of Economy Mihai Fifor told a press conference in the county's capital city on Friday.

''We have a very ambitious project to implement in Moreni, and at this moment nobody can afford not to look at all the components related to the development of this project. (...) We chose to bring our joint project with Rheinmetall here, we could have taken it anywhere else in the country, but we picked Moreni because this is a plant with lots of experience as regards these carriers and, apart from this, as I've said it before, we think of Dambovita as a hub of the Romanian defence industry. We'll see in the next period, in one or two weeks at the most, how we will build the entire project, with management, joint venture and everything," Fifor said.

The Moreni Automechanical Plant based in Dambovita County and German supplier of military technology Rheinmetall signed in June the articles of incorporation for the joint venture Romanian Military Vehicle Systems that is to manufacture the 8x8 armored personnel carrier.

Minister of Defence Adrian Tutuianu said on Friday in Targoviste that the Ministry of Economy must get actively involved in the program for the endowment of the Romanian Army, in accordance with plans of the Ministry of National Defence to work with Romanian companies in this industry.

"The the development of the national defence industry also entails the creation of new jobs, but the most important benefit is that economic development is the main solution for national security," said Tutuianu.

Ministers Adrian Tutuianu and Mihai Fifor visited on Thursday the three armament-producing facilities in Dambovita County: the Mija Mechanical Plant, the Dragomiresti Special Products Plant and the Moreni Automechanical Plant that operate as subsidiaries of ROMARM, the 100 percent state-owned national company. AGERPRES (RO — author: Cornelia Dumitru; EN — author: Simona Klodnischi, editor: Razvan-Adrian Pandea)

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