Young Romanian-Japanese man of Beius wins gold at Central European Olympiad in Informatics

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Young man Tamio Vesa Nakajima of Beius, a fresh high school graduate, won a gold medal at the Central European Olympiad in Informatics held in Ljubljana, Slovenia, July 10-15. He is already admitted to Oxford University in the UK.

Photo source: National Education Ministry-Romania / Facebook

"Vesa Nakajima has decided, and he is already a student at Oxford University, after receiving several offers and being admitted even at the world's most famous technical university, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston, the United States. I talked to him and his mother before they left for Slovenia, and they told me he had chosen Oxford," Lucian Ropa, director of the Nicolae Bolcas Pedagogical Vocational High School of Beius, told AGERPRES.

In Bucharest, on her way back with her son, to take care of the visas for this year's edition of the International Olympiad in Informatics in Tehran, Iran, the young man's mother, Adriana Vesa, told AGERPRES on Monday that the competition had been quite hard, comprising two days of five-hour computer configuration tests and two days of competitions, alternatively.

"The competition tests consisted of solving three algorithmic problems in five hours. Other than that, only my son can tell you," Adriana Vesa said.

As a student of the Beius-located high school, a prestigious institution that has given Romania 12 academicians, Tamio was a straight-A student, graduating all four years with the highest grade, and passing the year's Baccalaureate high-school graduation contest with ten in Mathematics and Computer Science, and 9.50 out of 10 in Romanian Language and Literature.

Tamio was part of team Romania in the Central European Olympiad in Informatics that won two more gold medals, thanks to Andrei Popa and Costi-Andrei Oncescu, and a silver medal.

"We take utmost pride in him, because the town of Beius has not had such a student for decades. Every few decades there is such a talent. He is particularly gifted in Mathematics, and particularly in Computer Science, a subject matter in which he has won numerous national and international awards since the 11th grade. A few days ago, he won the gold medal at the Olympiad in Slovenia," said director Ropa.

Soon, the young graduate will take part in the 29th International Olympiad in Informatics, to be held in Tehran, Iran, July 28 — August 4.

The wunderkind of Beius is of mixed Romanian and Japanese origins, as his mother is from Beius and his father is Japanese. His parents met during their university studies in Timisoara, Timis County: his mother is an Economic Sciences graduate, and his father is a computer scientist and electronic engineer working in the field of stage acoustics for big shows put on by entertainment companies.

"Beius is taking pride in an international computer science Olympiad medallist, a Beius-born student born into a family of intellectuals. He is a perfect child, such as Beius has not had in many years," professor Ropa said. AGERPRES (RO — author Eugenia Pasca, editor: Karina Olteanu; EN — author: Corneliu-Aurelian Colceriu, editor: Adina Panaitescu)

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