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Bucharest, July 17 /Agerpres/ - Premier Mihai Tudose on Monday told the young participants in the summer edition of the government's internship program to be active, critical, innovative and insist on imposing their solutions wherever possible.

"I understand it's 100 of you picked out of some 3,200 plus candidates. I don't know any university or faculty with so tough a competition of 30 contestants per spot, and I thank you for having insisted, because out there in the square there are people carrying the protest sign '#rezist' and you here, inside the government building, make a statement for '#insist'. (...) I will like us to have a longer discussion when you complete the stint here, with those of you who will survive the governamental-administrative experience. It won't be easy for you. You'll see that often things work otherwise than they should and the major expectancy of you is to breathe new life into the system. Don't shy away from criticizing, insisting, inquiring, offering solutions and pressing for the solutions wherever possible. From the past experience I understand some of your colleagues have provided some very good solutions," PM Tudose said at the Gov't offices in the opening of the summer edition of the governmental internship program.

The PM added that he told the ministers that they should treat the participants in the internship as equals.
"You deserve this. You are 100 superb youth who chose to spend your holiday in administration, instead of relaxing or using it for other more playful purposes. It won't be easy for you. My suggestion to you is that your first question shouldn't be: when are we off home? No, just stay as long as you can. Just pester (...) my colleagues, myself included. Two of your former colleagues are working with the gov't in communication, some others are working in administration and (...) a former colleague of yours who graduated two years ago works at my office," Tudose said.

Delivering addresses at the event were Deputy Premier Sevil Shhaideh, ministers Liviu Pop, Marius Dunca, Gabriel Petrea, Doina Pana, Ilan Laufer and Secretary of State Raed Arafat.

As many as 100 students or fresh graduates from 50 Romanian and foreign universities participate in this year's government internship program; they have been selected from over 3,000 candidates. The interns will collect a monthly scholarship of 1,000 lei plus free accommodation for those who cannot make the necessary arrangements on their own. The internship is running between July 17 - September 17.AGERPRES(RO - editor: Daniel Florea, editor: Claudia Stanescu; EN - author: Simona Klodnischi, editor: Maria Voican)
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