Business Min Laufer to do everything in his power for internationalisation programme of Romanian companies becomes viable

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Minister for Business Milieu, Commerce and Entrepreneurship Ilan Laufer stated on Wednesday that he will carry out all necessary demarches, including going in person to obtain all opinions from the Justice Ministry, so that the internationalisation programme of Romanian companies be approved in the Government's sitting on Thursday.

"Today [Wednesday — ed.n.] I have to go fight, literally, to get all the opinions, because tomorrow I want us to pass, I don't want this delayed, the Government's decision with regard to the internationalization programme [of the Romanian companies — ed.n.]. I have still got a few more hours to convince the judiciary to sign my opinions and believe me when I say it is not that easy if, in the end, a minister needs to take the road to go to get his opinion. But I am doing it because it is a priority. This week, internationalization has to be submitted to the Government's meeting and we need to adopt the Government decision on this," the minister said at a conference on the development of SMEs.

He recalled that through this programme, companies have a 50,000-lei grant to promote themselves on foreign markets.

"The internationalisation that I am struggling to pass tomorrow in the Government is a very important programme that allows Romanian companies wishing to internationalise independently and not be part of a group or have a location chosen for them beforehand to receive a grant of 50,000 lei, with a 10 percent own contribution. They will be able to use this money for travel, economic missions, fairs, exhibitions, presentation materials, presentation sites in Romanian and English," Laufer said.

In his opinion, the emergence of Romanian companies on foreign markets is particularly important, given that in the coming years we will address a global market.

"I think this is the future We must understand that all global entrepreneurs are going to radically change their behaviour over the next 10 years. I think we will soon be addressing a global market every time we have an idea, an application and a solution and I think this is the future," the minister added.AGERPRES(RO — author: Florentina Cernat, editor: Oana Tilica; EN — author: Simona Iacob, editor: Maria Voican; online editor: Maria Voican)

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