Communications Minister announces he resigns only upon request of PM Grindeanu

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Minister of Communications, Augustin Jianu, stated that he will resign from his position only upon the request of Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu although he has received messages in these past days from people outside the Government that requested he leave his position.

"I assure you now that I have no adherence for the position I currently hold. Mr. Sorin Grindeanu's request is sufficient and my resignation will presented in the shortest order. However, speaking from the perspective of a ministry that changed, in the past two years, no less than six ministers, I believe we should think constructively and — especially — in favor of the Romanian citizens. In other words, we must search for performance and change for the better, not only change for the sake of power and political discourse. When I was first told that Mr. Dragnea desires my resignation, I answered 'certainly, upon the request and with the confirmation of the Prime Minister on whose team I am." It seemed normal, natural and common sense. Sorin was the one to invest me with trust and with whom I worked on achieving the objectives I assumed; Mr. Dragnea only spoke of the act of governing, from the safe distance of locked doors," wrote Jianu on his Facebook page.

He stated that in the past days he received numerous messages from people outside the Government, "from cabinet chiefs to secretaries, from senators to simple party members," that requested "on behalf of Liviu Dragnea" for him to resign.

"All told me, through nervous voices and messages, on behalf of Mr. Dragnea, to resign. Except Mr. Dragnea who, in the meantime, declared in front of a nation that he already had my resignation. I must admit I am a bit surprised by the 'ethical balance' of Liviu Dragnea: when a man makes efforts to demonstrate to Romanian citizens that more can be done in Romania, he requests his resignation. However when I myself have told him that an important member of the party asked me for illegitimate favors, Mr. Dragnea left him in position. What kind of people are we?", Jianu asked.

Finally, he showed that out of respect for the team he is part of he will resign only at the request of those that have the right to request him this.

"When you are 31 years old and want to change something for the better, you start by knowing that each decision you make will follow you for the rest of your life, so you'd better have a content conscience. That is exactly why, out of respect and responsibility for the Romanian people and the team I am part of, I will follow the path that I see as vertical: I will present my resignation only at the request of those who have the right to request it. When you really want to change something, you must resist," the Communications Minister concluded.

The ruling allies PSD and ALDE decided on Wednesday to withdraw political support for the government headed by Sorin Grindeanu, citing the Cabinet's poor performance; consequently, on Thursday the ministers tendered their resignations to the government's Secretariat General. Premier Sorin Grindeanu announced that he will resign as head of the government only provided that President Iohannis appoints a Prime Minister who is also from PSD. AGERPRES (RO — author: Andreea Marinescu, editor: Nicoleta Gherasi; EN — editor: Razvan-Adrian Pandea)

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