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Bucharest, April 20 /Agerpres/ - The best warranter of the rule of law is the Romanian people, who will continue the fight against corruption after the Cooperation and Verification Mechanism (CVM) process is ended in Romania, on Thursday asserted in Bucharest the visiting First Vice-President of the European Commission, Frans Timmermans.

Our fight for the rule of law and for the human rights is not a fight for ourselves. We believe that every European citizen, no matter where they live deserve a rule of law, Frans Timmermans told a joint press conference with the Romanian Prime Minister, Sorin Grindeanu and the Justice Minister, Tudorel Toader at the Victoria Palace.

Timmermans added that the enforcement of the Cooperation and Verification Mechanism in the last 10 years has brought achievements to Romania. At the same time, the European official referred to the changes in the judiciary which gave "emotions" to the officials in Brussels.

Some of these achievements did not look possible ten years ago. Now we are on the last hundred meters of this long marathon. We had emotions a few months ago, when we had the feeling that the entire process will be stopped or the direction will be changed. We had fruitful meetings with Premier Grindeanu. (...) Im positive that the best warranter of the fight against corruption is the Romanian people. It is a strong feeling in the Romanian society that this is the right fight. The people wish (...) for this fight to go on. Im certain that after all these recommendations will be fulfilled and the CVM process will be closed, the anti-corruption fight will be in fact furthered by the Romanian people . (...) This is the best guarantee (...) that the process will go on after the CVM process is ended, assessed Timmermans, adding that he is "absolutely confident" in the plan of the Romanian Government and in the projects of the Justice Minister.

He wanted to underline that the Romanians are those who want the fight against corruption to go on, that they do that not only because Brussels is telling them so, but because the people wishes it, for themselves.

As for the date the CVM process is to be ended, Timmermans said he couldnt forward a deadline and called for the Legislative to support the Government.

I never give deadlines. The governments programme is very clear and everything depends on the public consultations, on the talking with all of the people involved and on the vote in the Parliament. (...) The path followed by the Government is heading to accomplishing the recommendations. The Parliament is sovereign, but I would ask the Parliament to support the Government in the latters approaches and to never choose another way. (...) These are our last recommendations. We wont change them, we wont add anything new. (...) Hopefully this Government will have the Parliaments strong support to fulfill this goal, and from the Romanian society, too, because once this goal attained, it will come to an irreversible point, stressed Timmermans.

Frans Timmermans, who is on an official visit to Romania, has had meetings with the Senates Chairman, Calin Popescu-Tariceanu and with the Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies, Liviu Dragnea. By the end of the day, the European Commissions First Vice-President will have a dialogue with the citizens at the National Art Museum on the White Paper on Europes future, the 60th anniversary of the Rome Treaties inking and 10 years celebration since Romanias accession to the EU.AGERPRES(RO - author: Oana Ghita, editor: Cristina Tatu; EN - author, editor: Maria Voican)
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