Dajbog (MAI): Approximately 7,300 incidents notified at emergency number 112 in the period of the holidays

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Police units have intervened during the Easter holidays to solve approximately 7,300 incidents notified through emergency number 112, spokesperson for the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MAI) Monica Dajbog announced during a press statement on Monday.

"In the April 14-16 interval, according to the plan of measures to ensure the safety and security of citizens during the Easter period, approved by Minister Carmen Daniela Dan, over 50,000 employees of the MAI were on duty, the daily average being of 25,500 police officers. MAI personnel granted enhanced attention to crowded area, tourist resorts and the approximately 18,000 places of worship, most of them conducting large religious events," she said.

At a national level, over 6,300 public order patrols formed of police officers were organized as well as 1,466 mixed patrols formed of police officers and gendarmes.

According to the spokesperson, in the last three days 342 authors of crimes were caught in the act. Furthermore, police officers noted approximately 13,500 misdemeanors, and handed out fines worth approximately 5 million RON.

The gendarmes conducted missions to ensure public order at over 730 events, of which 600 religious manifestations, 53 cultural-artistic manifestations and 60 sport events, Monica Dajbog mentions.

The mountain gendarmes in Paltinis intervened to free a vehicle trapped in the snow that contained three adults and two children, while those of the gendarme station in Stana de Vale helped free a vehicle containing two persons.

The spokesperson mentioned that, following checks conducted by firemen, on the night of the Resurrection no fires occurred at places of worship.

According to her, in the mentioned period, 45 persons were saved following the intervention of emergency situation structures, while 2,770 received medical assistance.

With the support of the helicopters of the Aviation General Inspectorate persons needing emergency medical assistance were transported to hospital.

Traffic police officers noted 344 infractions and 9,437 misdemeanors, handing out fines worth approximately three million RON. Over 80 misdemeanor fines were handed out for driving under the influence, and 4,173 for speeding.

Approximately 130 drivers were left without a license for felony DUI, while 294 lost their licenses for excessive speeding.

Monica Dajbog mentioned that from Monday onward a new increase in the values of transit in important border crossing points is expected, this time on the direction towards the country.

In order to prepare for their return trip, citizens are advised to consult the online app of the Border Police, which presents in real time the average wait at each border crossing point.

The spokesperson also recalled that, starting with April 21, at a national level, the most ample exercise to test the sirens that form the notification, warning and alarm for emergency situations will take place. Over the four days of the exercise, the sirens will sound alternatively in the Capital and in the counties between 10:00 and 15:00. AGERPRES (RO — author: Petronius Craiu, editor: Florin Marin; EN — editor: Razvan-Adrian Pandea)

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