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Bucharest, April 16 /Agerpres/ - We have all the chances to be happy, if we learn again that love is a Who and not a What, says priest Constantin Necula in an interview with AGERPRES on the occasion of the Holy Easter.

"I find it absurd to believe that Christ is Risen for us only, we are not that egoist, He Is Risen for the dead Copts in Egipt, thrown into the air, Christ Is also Risen for the Syria children. We, the others are crying here, in this rather secure and stable area, for nothing really. We live by the hashtag, not by the Gospel," says the priest.

We found father Constantin Necula in central Sibiu, one of the places he calls "home."

"Home means Sibiu in a way, Brasov in another way. Brasov of my birth, Sibiu of my university preparation and workplace, after all. I am home everywhere I could serve the Holy Liturgy and lately I have served and have been in very many "home". I am "home" amongst the Romanians, wherever they are," adds father Constantin Necula.

Home is the place we should celebrate our holidays, a "comeback to ground zero", asserts the priest.

"I am a neighbourhood boy, I was born in a block of flats. Ive lived in a Sunday-less neighbourhood, because we had no church. We had a church rather late, which is why sometimes if I am a bit irritated at some people because of taking the church and the school out, I know how it looks like a neighbourhood with no church and no school, where the party secretary is looking for you dressed like Mos Gerila (the Communist for Santa Klaus) to bring you gifts. But what saved me was the fact that I was going very often to the church with my father, as we were from Scheii Brasovului, we went to the Saint Nicholas Church, an ancient foundation of the Romanian spirit. There we were gathering (...) Im somehow converted by the chant of the death song (requiem or Prohod) and my fathers playing the wooden semantron for the beginning of the religious service, as my father used to be a child of chorus since he was five," the priest recalls.

The interview is only making a short travel back to the childhood of the one who firstly wanted to be a military. The priest also talked about the fears of a man who is close to God yet, and also about the communion between the man and the church.

"When the sidewalk is busy and the world takes the church as the sidewalk and the values of the sidewalk, one could not stay silent (...) The Church should learn to stay somewhere at the limit, all the time, sitting on the street curb and waiting to talk to the people. (...) I believe that the church, especially after the Colectiv (the 30 October 2015 tragedy in Bucharest club fire that took 64 young lives) moment, has seriously squeezed "its communication pus,"" adds priest Necula.

The priest also talks about the decision made by his daughter to join the protests (against govt) in the months before, and about the values of a people "who has forgotten its own identity."

"We have left to ruin our Romanian democracy, we have copied all kinds of inept democracies and all kinds of civic rights, which became cynical because they are against the truth and against the human nature, and in this situation, we need this democracy to be set out," says he.

Through the social projects he is involved in, father Constantin Necula is surrounded by children.

"It is from them that we have learned they need tranquility, and not troubles we challenge them to. Our children are not some agitated kids, the ADHD belongs to our generation. Ive learned to respect their smile the same with their crying, in the same measure. But, most of all Ive learned that in their hearts, children are not afraid of death. (...) We outflank them, and the outflanked children are having their tear exfoliated," says father Necula.

The priest also talks about the modern family, about love, about homosexuality and the right to happiness of those who want to father a family, in the limit of the civil rights.

"We dont have anymore the gift to love because in general we sit with our back against the gift. We ring around love. We have all chances to be happy, if we learn again that love means a Who and not a What. (...) Hopefully we are sharp and full of message when we tell the people that "Christ Is Risen" regardless of our faith," priest Constantin Necula adds.

The interview was done with support from the Astra Sibius Museum of Traditional Folk Civilisation. The interview could be fully watched on Facebook Agerpres Video and on Youtube Agerpres.AGERPRES(RO - author: Marilena Stanescu, image: Sergiu Olteanu, grafics: Andrei Carlan; EN - author, editor: Maria Voican)
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