Ecaterina Szabo: It's time to show that Romanian gymnastics still stands

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Quadruple Olympic champion Ecaterina Szabo stated for AGERPRES that Romanian gymnastics has to show at the 7th Petrom European Men's and Women's Artistic Gymnastics Championship in Cluj that it still stands.

"It's a privilege for us to host such competition, I think that now it's time to show that Romanian gymnastics still stands and I am firmly convinced that our gymnasts will prove their worth," said Szabo, who won five medals at the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles, gold in three of the individual events vault, balance beam, floor and with the team, silver in all-around.

Szabo (ager 50) didn't say anything in respect to Romania's women group for the European Championship, mentioning that apart from Catalina Ponor and Larisa Iordache she doesn't know the rest of the girls.

Kati Szabo-Tamas voiced her hope that Romania will have the same result as it did in the European Championship in 2016, when Romania managed to win four medals, two bronze medals won by Catalina Ponor and two silver medals won by Marian Dragulescu.

Kati Szabo, World Champion in 1983 (floor) in Budapest and in 1987 (with the team) in Rotterdam, confessed that she would have liked to have the opportunity to compete in a European Championship organized in Romania: "Certainly, I would have liked to have such competition in my country, to have an entire hall on your side, the audience, the fans and perhaps the family. Unfortunately, no such thing occurred during my career."

Kati Szabo, who is also a double European Champion in 1983 (Gothenburg, uneven bars and floor) believes that Romanian gymnasts who are performing in front of their own supporters have an advantage. "Now, you know that anywhere they would compete, they have to do their job, they have to be very focused. In the end, in any country they might be, the balance beam is just the balance beam, 'uneven bars' the same, everything depends on you, one has to know what it want to do ... I was like that. I wanted to show everybody who I am, what I know and prove that what I was doing it was very well executed. I trained only for that."

Szabo mentioned that Romanian gymnasts have to be strong, ambitious and listen to their trainers.

Ecaterina Szabo mentioned she will be in Cluj to encourage and cheer for our gymnasts.

Ecaterinei Szabo's record also includes six silver medals and one bronze at the World Championship, as well as two silver and one bronze at the European Championship.

The 7th Petrom European Men's and Women's Artistic Gymnastics Championship in Cluj will take place between 19 — 23 April. AGERPRES (RO — editor: Mihai Tenea; EN — editor: Rodica Ionita)

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