AGERPRES - sole media partner of Prince of Wales's official visit to Romania

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The Prince of Wales will be on an official visit to Romania between March 29 to 31, the National News Agency AGERPRES being the sole media partner of the event.

The British Embassy in Bucharest and the National News Agency AGERPRES have partnered to provide the media coverage of the official visit to Romania of the Prince of Wales.

According to a press release from the British Embassy, all the information on this event will be communicated in the media pool system.

AGERPRES, as sole partner of the event, will grant other news agencies from Romania, free of charge, videos, photos, and texts from the public meetings, that will take place during the Prince of Wales's visit.

"The media representatives will have access to some of these meetings, but only in fixed locations, with the possibility to do live broadcasts. The British Embassy will send the press agencies briefings before each public visit on the agenda of His Highness the Royal Prince of Wales," reads the release.

The communication of the media materials will be carried out by AGERPRES through the British Embassy in Bucharest, on the basis of the e-mail addresses of those who will be accredited at the embassy's press office.

Up to ten photos, depending on the complexity of the event, but also texts will be sent via transfer links. Subsequently, video materials in semi-edited format will also be sent. The materials's crediting will occur after the model : Author / AGERPRES PHOTO.

"The embassy will also hold two technical briefings for accredited journalists on March 21st, at 14:00 hrs, at the residence of British Ambassador, Paul Brummell, and on March 27th. The time and place of the second briefing will be subsequently communicated," the release says.AGERPRES(RO — author: Irinela Visan, editor: Mirela Barbulescu; EN — author: Simona Iacob, editor: Maria Voican; online editor: Maria Voican)

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