Union of Romania and R. Moldova requested in Bucharest march organized by Actiunea 2012 Unionist Platform

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Several hundred persons are participating, on Saturday, in the march titled "Fight for Basarabia", that requests politicians assume as a country project the union between Romania and the Republic of Moldova.

"We request the Prime Minister and the chairmen of the parties that will run in the electoral race to assume national union through a statement of the Legislative in the next session, and assume the project of reunification as a country project, with all the steps that it implies: energy interconnection, monetary union, common media space," said George Simion, chairman of the Actiunea 2012 Unionist Platform, which organized the "Fight for Basarabia".

"We want to send a clear message: That we do not have patience anymore! The Prime Minister and the political parties see the matter of reunification as something for future generations. We want our generation to accomplish the union. It is the last chance for our brothers across the Pruth [River]," George Simion added.

He mentioned that the demonstrators will not leave the street until they have dialogue with Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos and party representatives. "We will tell them that we will remain in the street until our pleas are heard and until they start dialogue with us," said Simion.

The organizers of the march announced in a press release that they will remain in the street until stakeholders in Bucharest assume unification as a country project and have consultations in this sense with representatives of the unionists.

"The immediate measures for unification are the adoption by the Parliament of Romania of a Statement for Unification, the establishment of a Reunification Ministry and the signing of a Snagov-type Pact on the topic of national reunification. The Statement for Unification in Parliament will represent Romania's political offer for the Republic of Moldova," the quoted source mentions.

The Snagov Pact was a pact made by Romanian political parties in Snagov in 1995 in regards to European and Euro-Atlantic integration.

The deadline for the political parties and Prime Minister to start dialogue with the demonstrators has been set for Sunday, the quoted source mentions.

According to the Romanian Gendarmerie, the demonstration is authorized to take place until 18.00 hrs local time. AGERPRES (RO — author: Iulia Carciog, editor: Mirela Barbulescu; EN — editor: Razvan-Adrian Pandea)

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