One denouncer claims that he gave 1m euro in bribes to Mayor Oprescu (arrest request)

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One of the persons who denounced Bucharest City Mayor Sorin Oprescu to the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) claims he gave to the mayor, between 2013-2015, the sum of approximately 1 million euro, the money being bribes collected for contracts issued to private companies executing works at the Brancovian Palaces Cultural Center and the Cemetery Administration.

The preventive arrest request filed by the DNA with the Bucharest Tribunal for Sorin Oprescu there is a statement made by a denouncer incriminating the mayor.

The denouncer claims that, since 2013 until now, he met approximately 20 times with Sorin Oprescu, and at each of these meetings he would give the mayor sums between 20,000 and 60,000 euro, the total sum being of around 1 million euro.

The denouncer also stated that the sums remitted in 2013 had come, around 80 percent of them, from bribes collected from businessmen for contracts concluded for the paving of alleys in the Brancovian Palaces Cultural Center.

The sums remitted in 2014 had mainly come from "water and sewerage" works conducted at the Administration of Cemeteries and Human Crematories.

Prosecutors with the DNA have remanded in custody Bucharest General Mayor Sorin Oprescu, after he was caught red-handed receiving money constituting a bribe.

According to a release of the DNA, during 2013-2015, a well organized group, to which Sorin Oprescu adhered, established in the local administration of the City of Bucharest a system through which economic operators wishing to receive contracts from public institutions under the command of the Mayor had to remit part of the profit before tax that was a result of those contracts, as bribes, to some stakeholders of the public apparatus. AGERPRES

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