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Bucharest, May 15 /Agerpres/ - Approx. 60 per cent of the Romanians believe that the government should stay in office until the term actually expires and that Romania needs a new Constitution, an Inscop Research poll revealed on Friday.

"The poll was commissioned by daily Adevarul and revealed that Romanians' opinions are rather split when it comes to switching to voting lists. Most of the respondents believe that Romania needs a new Constitution and to maintain the current government in office until 2016, when its term actually ends. Moreover, the poll showed that, in most Romanians' opinion, the President and the Prime Minister must find compromise solutions to solve the problems of public interest," reads a release on Friday sent to AGERPRES by Inscop.

According to the poll, 58.5 per cent of the interviewed believe that the government should end its term as scheduled, in 2016, while only 29.6 per cent believe that it should be replaced earlier. 11 per cent of Romanians did not know what to answer to this question or decline to do so.

As much as 67.8 per cent of the subjects to the poll appreciated the activity of President Klaus Iohannis four months after he took over, while 20.1 per cent didn't appreciate it.

Prime Minister Victor Ponta's activity got the appreciation of 41.1 per cent of the Romanians, while 46.7 per cent said they didn't appreciate his activity.

Most Romanians, 72.7 per cent, believe that, when the President and the Prime Minister disagree over something, they must seek for such compromise solutions in order to solve the problems of public interest, while 16 per cent of them said that both the head of the state and the head of the Executive must stick to their opinions without compromising. 11.3 per cent of the respondents chose the "I don't know/I decline to answer" variant.

As many as 36 per cent of the interviewed said they were in favour of snap parliamentary elections, compared with 33.4 per cent in February 2014. As many as 50.2 per cent said they disagreed with snap elections being called, compared with 46.2 per cent in February 2014. The percentage of those who didn't know how to answer to this question is of 13.8 per cent in May 2015.

Almost half of the interviewed, 49.8 per cent more precisely, believe that a censure motion tabled by the National Liberal Party (PNL) has zero chances to pass right now, while 22.8 per cent think the opposite and 27.4 said they didn't know or didn't want to give an answer. When the same question was asked in February this year, the results showed 29.6 percent of respondents believing PNL would succeed in dismissing the Ponta Government, while 36.6 of the respondents back then said the chances were inexistent. As many as 33 per cent preferred not to answer.

The abovementioned source also showed that 58.7 per cent of Romanians believe that Romania needs a new Constitution, 23.5 per cent disagree with this statement and 17.8 per cent have no answer or they refuse to give their answer. As many as 36.1 per cent of the participants in the poll said they were in favour of MPs being voted on closed lists, while 33.7 per cent said they were in favour of the uninominal vote that represents the current procedure. 30.2 per cent gave no answer to this question.

The poll was commissioned by daily Adevarul and conducted by Inscop Research, April 23-30, on a sample of 1,085 representative respondents aged 18 years and above. It carries a maximum margin of error of plus/minus 3 percentage point and an accuracy rate of 95 percent. The findings were collected using questionnaires filled by pollsters at the respondents' residence. AGERPRES

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