Polenta pudding, cakes with nuts - Easter Lent yummy courses

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A noodle, potato soup or a polenta pudding could be among the dishes the housewives may put on the Lent days' table. If we add here a cake with nuts, the menu would be complete, healthy and tasty.

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Sister Lucia of Timisoara unveils the secrets of tailoring these less sophisticated, yet delicious meals.

For a four-person meal, the potato soup with noodles could be made of one kilo of potatoes, two medium onions, fresh lovage threads, edible oil, a bit of sweet paprika.

'We tame the onion with a bit of warm oil on the fire, put a bit of salt, let it soak, than add a spoonful of sweet paprika to fry for a while, after which we add the washed and diced potatoes, put 4 to 5 cups of water and let it boil. When the water is boiling hard, we add the noodles or fast macaroni (without eggs). When everything is well boiled, we turn off the fire and chop a few threads of fresh lovage,' says sister Lucia.

For the second course, sister Lucia submits a hasty polenta made of one kilo of corn flour, water and salt. A sweet, big enough cabbage, cleaned and thin chopped is separately put in a pan with a small cup of oil, to which some caraway could be added.

'Then, in a well-greased tray we put one layer of polenta, one of cabbage and so on, to about four layers. We put this tray in the oven for 10 to 15 minutes to brown. It is to be served warm,' says sister Lucia.

As for the dessert — a sweetness and nuts cake — we need three cups (of 300 ml each) of wheat flour, one cup of boiled and smashed potatoes, 1 cup of sugar, 1 sachet of baking powder, 1 sachet of vanilla sugar, 200 ml of edible oil.

'The flour, the finely smashed potatoes and the sugar are mixed together, the baking powder outspread in a spoonful of vinegar is added, the vanilla sugar too and we start to pour the oil gradually. We mix them all and split the dough into three sheets we stretch separately on the back of the tray and make three sheets of cake,' says sister Lucia.

But the recipe is not done yet.

'As for the filling, we boil 300 grams of ground nuts in water with a bit of sugar, until it becomes a paste. Then, we cover the first sheet with a bit of sweetness and a layer of nuts paste, we add a new sheet and so on until we finish the sheets and the filling. The frosting is made of 7 spoonful of sugar, which is put in a kettle with water, to which we add 1 spoonful of cocoa and 2 spoonful of oil. The composition is let to boil on a mild fire, until it thickens. We let it chill and then we ornate the top sheet of the cake,' adds sister Lucia.

Eventually, the cake is slice-cut.


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