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Bucharest, Oct 27 /Agerpres/ - Presidential candidate of the Greater Romania Party (PRM) Corneliu Vadim Tudor says Romania's chief of state should be a strong character, a moral standard. As for what recommends him to the highest office of the land, he says the high popularity he enjoys with the public and the fact that PRM has never been at rule.

In a recent interview to AGERPRES, he argues that the Constitution of Romania has to be changed because the one in force is 'too bland and too permissive.'

Asked about his reasons to join the presidential race, Tudor says, 'It is obvious that Romania is badly managed, against its own interests. And there is still not visible to the naked eye the burden of more than 150 billion euros worth of external debt. Only the future generations will feel the weight of this colossal plunder. The same as a family cannot live on borrowed money only, so a country cannot live on borrowings alone, on which, what is more, heavy interest is being paid. I am a fighter and cannot stay away from this battle (...)'

About the role of the chief of state, the PRM candidate says it should be of mediating among the three state powers and he or she should be part the executive branch of the state, the middle power. 'Montesquieu provides the fundamentals of the separation of powers in ‘The Spirit of the Laws' describing it as the separation of political power among a legislature, an executive, and a judiciary. And yes, the President has to make sure the powers are balanced because each of them tends to dominate the others absolutely and also the public space. He should guarantee that the Constitution is being observed, represent the country abroad, because, as well as being the country's magistrate-in-chief, he is also the diplomat-in-chief. Let us take a look at those who held the office of Romania's chief of state, at least since the establishment of modern Romania, which started in 1859, not with Carol I in 1866 (despite his essential part); it started with Alexandru Ioan Cuza. Each of these people who were the chiefs of state of Romania had his own dignity, nurtured by the Romanian people's thirst for dignity. The chief of state has to be a strong character, he should not be an individual easy to be trampled under or blackmailed. People should look up at him as a moral standard and all should seek his presence, because, being the magistrate-in-chief that he is, he is the dispenser of justice. By divine grace, he can pardon convicts. Who gives him such power? The sacredness of the office of the chief of state.'

About the timeliness of modifying the Constitution, Corneliu Vadim Tudor explains that he is for an overhaul of the Constitution. 'The Constitution in force does not match the current developments of rampant corruption, of metastasised corruption. Romania has turned into an Iraq of corruption. So, it is too bland, too permissive. The part of the President is to be a puppet. There are many provisions for the rights, obligations and restrictions applying to the President, but there is no action when it comes to exactly where there should be action to entrust him with increased powers to put the country in order. Responsibility is ascribed only to the other branches, which are plagued by serious corruption. So, yes to a revision of the Constitution, but based on a moratorium with the entire political class.' About the modifications he would like to see in the Constitution, he says, 'I believe that there should be a provision that all of Romania's citizens are of Romanian nationality. Let us follow the example of France and Greece: there are no minorities in France or Greece. In France, they are all French nationals. Because we have increasingly more problems with some individuals who do not understand what their mission is in this realm, where the winds of history have blown them.'

Regarding Romania's foreign policy, the PRM candidate would continue along the main lines of Romania's foreign policy, which he says did not started yesterday and will not end tomorrow. 'Their fundamentals can be said to have been provided by Ionel I.C. Bratianu and Nicolae Titulescu: active neutrality, peace and good neighbourly relations with the neighbour countries and keeping Romania away from the conflicts that do not concern it in the tumultuous context of the contemporary world.'

If he wins the presidential election, he will 'save Romania from the disaster in which it has been pushed for 25 years by an erratic leadership; nothing works in this country anymore; no law is valid anymore; the real economy is not working; the population is undefended against the 55 large clans of interlopers and against petty thefts. Let the spigot of plunder be stopped, and let us see where the 700 billion euros worth of privatisation revenue has gone, of which the Romanian state only got 7 billion euros! Let us see on what have the over 150 billion euros worth of public debt been spent, since they are not found in schools, hospitals, pensions, child allowances or infrastructure! There is a lot to be done in this country, so a radical revolution is needed, a 180-degree change in the system.' AGERPRES

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