Over 90 US paratroopers in joint Romania - US drill at Campia Turzii Airbase

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Over 90 paratroopers of the 173rd US Airborne Infantry Brigade began on Tuesday morning joint Romania - US drills as part of an airborne operation carried out at the Campia Turzii Airbase, the US Embassy in Romania informs in a release to AGERPRES.

Photo credit: (c) Simion MECHNO / AGERPRES ARCHIVE

According to the cited source, the American paratroopers started the rapid response drill just hours after receiving the relevant order, leaving the Ground Forces Airfield in Grafenwoehr — Germany for Romania, aboard C-130 Hercules aircraft of the United States Air Force.

"The parachuting demonstrates the unit's ability to deploy anywhere in the areas under the responsibility of the US European Command, the US Africa Command or the US Central Command. (...) The drills, which are conducted jointly over October 21-24 in the context of Romania and the United States' commitment towards the NATO collective security demonstrate the fast pace of the exercises carried out under the Atlantic Resolve Operation designed to strengthen the terrestrial and aerial military interoperability of the NATO allies. The 'Sky Soldiers' Airborne Brigade Combat Team Brigade arrives in Romania just two weeks after a six-month deployment to Poland and the Baltic States Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, as part of the Atlantic Resolve Operation'," the Embassy shows.

According to the cited source, the Americans made a parachute landing with all the equipment and supplies needed for maneuvers and missions under stress, including reduced sleep, and day and night operations in an unfamiliar territory.

"The United States stay committed to maintaining a substantial presence in Eastern Europe, cooperating with NATO allies such as Romania, to ensuring a land, air and maritime coordinated and continuous presence in the region, as part of the pledges made at the NATO Summit," the US Embassy stresses. AGERPRES

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