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Iasi, Oct 14 /Agerpres/ - Incumbent Prime Minister Victor Ponta, running for president, said that President Traian Basescu and candidate Klaus Iohannis have a joint strategy, trying to repeat the 2009 and 2012 feat of winning power by gambling.

'I want to make a clear announcement. I will go gather Romanians' votes. If Romanians were betrayed and deceived in 2009, if they voted in 2012 to get rid of an illegitimate president and failed, in 2014 I will win the elections and after many years, Romanians will finally have the president they wish and they also vote,' Ponta said in a campaign visit to northeastern Iasi on Tuesday.

He asserted it was very serious when two people, 'each lusting for something, Mr. Basescu for power, Mr. Iohannis for positions - positions he wants each time without being prepared for them' decide to work side by side 'at a time when Romanians must choose what they want for their future.'

'Elect a president like Mr. Iohannis, like Mr. Basescu, who carries on a dirty kind of politics, hits below the belt, so-called exposures who obviously prove mere lies, always destroying enemies,' Ponta said.

President Traian Basescu had asserted on Monday night that PM Victor Ponta was an undercover officer of SIE [Foreign Intelligence Service] between 1997 and 2001, which would explain his promotion to the General Prosecutor's Office.

'Victor Ponta should admit he was an undercover SIE officer between 1997 and 2001. He was a SIE officer, which also explains his promotion from the prosecutors' office of a lower court directly to the General Prosecutor's Office,' the president said at Realitatea TV.

Ponta answered media questions on the truth of Basescu's assertions by saying, 'No, it's only lies.'

He mentioned that Teodor Melescanu, the former director of SIE now also running for president, has stated his point of view on this scandal, and Romanian Intelligence Service Director George Maior should respond, too.

'I think Mr. Maior should also clearly state his point of view. Using state institutions is not just immoral, it's illegal,' the prime minister added.

He stressed that he is strong and resolute enough to get Romanians' votes despite the smearing campaign against him.

'I know very clearly what I want to do for Romania. I think this alliance between Mr. Basescu and Mr. Iohannis, which from today on is public, clarifies the situation and the offers to Romanians. I am definitely convinced that this time nothing will happen at the gambling table, and Romanians will be able to truly elect their president,' Ponta continued.

He also assured he did not use, and promised he would not use Iohannis's legal problems, although his opponent and Basescu use 'the dirtiest campaign weapons.'

'Since I have graduated from the Faculty of Law, for 20 years now, I observed the country's laws every time. I served my country as a magistrate, as a deputy, as a minister, and I will do the same as President of Romania,' Ponta claimed.

Victor Ponta's candidacy is supported by his own Social Democrat Party, by the National Union for Romania's Progress, and by the Conservative Party.

Klaus Iohannis, the head of the National Liberal Party, runs from the Christian Liberal Alliance with the Democrat Liberal Party. His legal problems mentioned by Ponta refer to an impending Supreme Court ruling on his alleged incompatibility as a mayor of Sibiu with municipal representation in the board of local utility companies, in a trial based on charges by the National Integrity Agency.AGERPRES

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