INTERVIEW Jackie Chan: I know Romania through Olympics, World Cup and tennis tournaments

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Actor Jackie Chan, coming to Romania on Thursday, told AGERPRES in an interview he got to know Romania from the Olympic Games, soccer World Cups and tennis tournaments.

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He also spoke about his education in martial arts, which he sees as a link between culture and peacekeeping, and of chances of filming the fourth production of the 'Rush Hour' franchise, with American Chris Tucker starring alongside him.

Jackie Chan will attend the opening of the Chinese Film Days in Romania, scheduled from September 11 to 22.

He called 'Chinese Zodiac', the film he directed, featuring him in the lead role, 'his baby.' It will open the Chinese Film Days.

AGERPRES: You accepted to be cultural ambasador for Romania and China. What made you say yes to that?
Jackie Chan: Through my movies audience will understand more about Chinese culture. By doing this, I believe people can understand each other more and this may be a way to keep peace.

AGERPRES: How did you start learning the martial arts?
Jackie Chan: When I was 6, I joined the Peking Opera School in Hong Kong. They taught me the northern style and also how to sing and act. Then after I graduated and started to work in the industry. I felt I had to learn a lot of things to prepare myself. That's why I started to learn southern style, bai mei, judo, karate, aikido and boxing.

AGERPRES: You created a cartoon character with your name. What made you do this?
Jackie Chan: Actually, Sony first approached me and said they would like to create 'Jackie Chan Adventure.' Then, my friend from Hong Kong also created another Chinese version. Through the cartoon I have a lot of kid fans.

AGERPRES: You are very well known for Rush Hour movie. How did your character evolved in the movie and how din the relationships with your colleagues evolved, taking in consideration that is the fourth part of the movie?
Jackie Chan: 'Rush Hour' franchise is a success. Brett Ratner, Chris Tucker and I become really buddies. Chris and I are talking about 'Rush Hour 4', but all depends on the script.

AGERPRES: You are coming for the first time in Romania. What do you know about our country?
Jackie Chan: As a guy from Hong Kong, I know Romania through Olympics, World Cup and tennis tournaments. I really look forward to visit Mamaia and the Dracula Castle, but unfortunately I only stay here for 6 hours.

AGERPRES: Tell us something about CZ ['Chinese Zodiac'] 12, please.
Jackie Chan: 'CZ12' is my 'baby'. I used more than 7 years to develop the idea and script and another one and half years to finish the principle filming. We used the bronze heads incident to show audience all those artefacts should return to their own countries.


One year after its premiere, 'Chinese Zodiac' cashed in profits of 1.8 million dollars in Asia only.

The film was the occasion for Jackie Chan to set a new Guinness World Record for 'most credits to a single individual in a single movie.' Among other credits, Chan was the director, producer, choreographer, music composer and of course one of the actors, among other things; the former credits record was 11, held by Robert Rodriguez.

Ziyi Zhang, the leading actress in 'Memoirs of a Geisha' (2005), will also be present at the event in Romania, to promote her latest film, 'The Grandmaster,', one of the five featured during the Chinese Film Days.

The year 2014 is the 65th of China-Romania diplomatic relations.

'By bringing Jackie Chan and Ziyi Zhang to Romania, the Chinese Press, Advertising, Radio, TV and Cinema Administration and the Romanian-Chinese House want to increase Romanians' interest for the Chinese traditions and values. The organization of the Chinese Film Days became possible after the Romanian-Chinese House called the Chinese embassy to Romania to promote the artistic values of Chinese cinematography in Romania,' Romanian-Chinese House general manager Ecaterina Vanea said in a release to AGERPRES. AGERPRES

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