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Bucharest, July 22 /Agerpres/ - President Traian Basescu on Tuesday said that Romania had eight priorities concerning the forthcoming NATO Summit taking place this September, one of these envisaging the redefinition of the relation between the Alliance and the Russian Federation.
'The first and utmost [priority] is the adoption of concrete measures in the long-term and reaching a geographical balance of the Alliance military resources on the EU territory, namely we would not want resources on the eastern side to be diminished to the detriment of the resources allotted to the northern area, the Baltic countries and Poland. Both Romania and Bulgaria need to be treated with attention, taking into account the realities, in the first place. For instance, Romania has a 649 kilometre border with Ukraine, land, river and sea border, and with the illegal annexing of Crimea, we have an immediate vicinity on the border of Romania's exclusive economic area with the Russian Federation,' said the Romanian head of state before leaving for Warsaw to attend the meeting of Central and East European heads of state, which will tackle the situation in the region and the preparation of the NATO Summit of September.
He pointed out that other priorities of Romania are that the documents of the NATO Summit reflect the strategic importance of the Black Sea, encouraging Georgia and Montenegro's path towards the Alliance, and the member states assuming a 2 per cent allotment of the GDP for defence.
'Following the events in the region we are interested in redefining the NATO-Russian Federation relation. After Nagorno Karabakh in Azerbaijan, after Ossetia and Abkhazia, in Georgia, after Transnistria in the Republic of Moldova, we now have the recent annexation of Crimea and the situation in eastern Ukraine, where the Russian Federation has major responsibilities. In this situation, we cannot maintain the current type of NATO-Russian Federation relation. It proves that the Russian Federation's policies endanger the security of the states in the region,' added the Romanian head of state.
Traian Basescu pointed out that Romania would want all participants in today's meeting of Central and Eastern European leaders to agree that one of the objectives is that of strengthening NATO's cooperation with the eastern partners, such as the Republic of Moldova, Ukraine and Georgia.
'Moreover, we would like the NATO Summit to ascertain and make progress in the process of diminishing the new security threats and here we include the observance of the programme of development and operationalization of anti-missile capacities,' the head of state also said, pointing out that Romania was on schedule with the developments and that its anti-missile system would be operational in 2015.
He also showed that Romania believed NATO should assume a much more important role in guaranteeing Europe's energy security and in the fight against cyber-attacks.
The Romanian President maintained that another element Romania requested was the completion of the mission in Afghanistan in December 2014 and the continuation of the Resolute support programme that starts on January 1, 2015, and whose mission is to ensure the trainers for the continuation of the preparation process for the Afghan army, provided that the Afghan authorities and NATO sign an agreement in this respect by the end of this year. AGERPRES

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