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Bucharest, June 17 /Agerpres/ - State Secretary for Strategic Affairs with Romania's Foreign Ministry (MAE) Bogdan Aurescu on Tuesday attended an international conference on missile defence in Mainz, Germany, where he reiterated Romania's strong commitment to making the Deveslu Military base facility operational around 2015.
MAE reports in a press release that in his speech to the opening of the conference, alongside US Assistant Secretary of State Frank Rose and Deputy Chief of the Dutch Army Staff Hans Wehren, Aurescu reviewed the latest developments in the implementation of a 2011 agreement between Romania and the US on deploying to Romania part of the US ballistic missile defence system.
Aurescu reiterated Romania's strong commitment to making the Deveselu Military base facility operational around 2015, an essential contribution to the NATO ballistic missile defence system.
He pointed out that making the Deveselu Base operational is going on on schedule, without delays, something that Frank Rose confirmed in his speech.
Aurescu also underscored the strictly defensive nature of the US missile defence system and the compliance of its use with the provisions of the UN Charter, which reflects Romania and US legitimate defence wish for international peace and security keeping.
The Romanian official also underscored the importance for the September 2014 NATO summit to reflect the progress with missile defence and reconfirm the NATO determination to stick to the established objectives and schedule. He also mentioned Romania's special interest in the implementation of the NATO missile defence system in accordance with the principles of solidarity, indivisibility of NATO security and the full coverage of the entire NATO territory. He also pointed to the fact that missile defence is a project of strategic importance to NATO's role in the 21st century.
At the same time, he underscored the relevance of the Deveselu Base in terms of a permanent US presence on Romania's soil, especially in the current regional security context in the Black Sea, as well as from the perspective of the contributions of the missile defence system to strengthening trans-Atlantic ties inside NATO.
Aurescu stressed the part of NATO's Smart Defence initiatives in the development of cooperation mechanisms designed to contribute to the pooling together and better use of the NATO capacities. He said the defence industries on both banks of the Atlantic can play an essential part in the making and supply of modern equipment for an as efficient as possible NATO missile defence system.
The 10th edition of the International Conference on Missile Defence, organised by the French Association of Aeronautics and Astronautics started on Tuesday and ends on Friday in Mainz, Germany.
The conference, which Romania hosted in 2013, is the main European forum to discuss missile defence challenges, prospects and developments thereof, gathering together political and military decision makers and renowned missile defence specialists and representatives of important defence companies - Thales, Aerojet, Raytheon, Lockheed Martin, Airbus, IAI, Parsons, MBDA. AGERPRES

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