Romania gets 99 medals at WUKF European Karate Championship

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Romania ended second among the participating countries at the sixth edition of World Union of Karate-do Federations (WUKF), with 99 medals (41 gold, 23 silver, 20 bronze, and 15 for fourth places).

Photo credit: (c) Cristian NISTOR / AGERPRES ARCHIVE

This result also places the Romanian Karate Federation first in the competition closed on Sunday night at the Palace of Sports of Verona Sports Hall, as Italy lined up several federations to top the countries ranking.

Romanian WKC Karate Federation Chairman (FRK WKC) Liviu Crisan told AGERPRES, "We preserved our position among the federations. I had expected we wouldn't make the top position among countries, as Italy — the host country — had many athletes. It was a crowded edition, lots of people, too many for a hall like Verona's Sports Hall. The previous edition had almost as many participants, but the hall was twice as large. But it all ended well."

Eva Kerekes of the Politehnica Cluj-Napoca Club remarkably won four gold medals in individual kata, kumite shobu ippon teams, kumite shobu ippon team rotation, and veterans female kumite shobu ippon open.

"I am very happy, it's not a common thing to have Romania's national anthem played four times in a European Championship," she said.

Other Romanians on top positions were 15-17 y.o. cadets of the kumite shobu sanbon team and team rotation Razvan Tinca, Vlad Dumitru, Radu Popescu, and Mihai Vezure.

"My bout has been tensed; my Italian opponent had the public permanently behind him. Even if he was unfair during the fight, I managed to prevail," said Popescu.

Dumitru metioned, "The bout was quite difficult. I'm glad all our team members won. I am happy with this evolution. I have chosen this sport because it disciplines one, helps one concentrate."

Tinca pointed out, "It was a tough fight for me. I came after an injury that kept me away from the tatami. I had the ambition to win, and in the end it was OK."

On behalf of the organizers, the Italian Federation of Karate and Martial Arts, President Flaminio Cabrini solemnly handed on the WUKF flag to Pawel Bombolewski, the President of the Polish Karate Bushikan Federation, as the fifth edition of the WUKF World Championship will be held in Szeczin, Poland in November 15 through 19.

"We are looking forward to the competition in Szczecin. Firstly, I want to note the value of Romanian athletes, which are better than the Poles. I must also underline the qualities of Mr. Liviu Crisan, the President of the Romanian WKC Karate Federation. He always came up with solutions in a professional manner when I or other national karate organizations asked. He lives for his great passion, karate," Bombolewski told AGERPRES.

Nearly 1,600 athletes of 27 countries, representing 44 federations attended the EC in Verona. Out of the 120 Romanians who competed, some were sponsored by FRK WKC, and others by clubs or private sponsors. The financing was partly covered from the budget allocated by the Ministry of Youth and Sports and from FRK WKC own sources, coming from sponsors.

The AGERPRES National News Agency had broadcasted the competition in live streaming on, June 12 through 15. AGERPRES

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