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Bucharest, May 14 /Agerpres/ - Thirty-three institutions (18 museums and 15 cultural or educational institutions in Bucharest) are waiting for their visitors till late at night with exhibitions, concerts, shows, film screenings, performances and interactive workshops for unforgettable experiences, says Alina Patru, who works with the National Network of Museums in Romania (RNMR).
Dragos Neamu, RNMR president, informed that the network this year too coordinated the event nationwide and organized trips to museums in Bucharest, Timisoara (western Romania) and Cluj-Napoca (central Romania) as part of the project titled 'Night of Museums 2014: The Same Night, Different Scenarios,' which is financed by the Administration of the National Cultural Fund.
He added that this year Timisoara would have a scenario similar to the one in Bucharest, occasioned by the candidacy of the city on the Bega for the title of European capital. 'We want to make this event quite permanent in Timisoara, it depends on the results of the Night,' said Neamu, who added that, in Romania, RNMR did not interfere in the organization made by every museum.
More than 150 museums and cultural and educational organizations from 48 places in Romania organize free visits and special events on the night from May 17 to 18, as part of the 10th event titled 'Night of Museums."

* The Ing Dumitru Furnica-Minovici Museum of Old Western Art, the King Ferdinand I National Military Museum, the National Museum of the Romanian Aviation, the National Geology Museum, the National Museum of Old Maps and Books and the Grigore Antipa National Museum of Natural History invite people to pay night visits to the permanent or temporary exhibitions dealing with various subjects.

* The Vasile Grigore, Painter and Collector, Art Museum celebrates its 10th anniversary on the Night of Museums, remembering Vasile Grigore by screening a number of films devoted to the activity of the above-mentioned institution.
On the Night of Museums they will also inaugurate the room of temporary exhibitions with Margareta Murariu's 'Cats in My District.'

* The Bellu Museum extends an invitation to a theatrical performance, Rodica Popescu-Bitanescu's 'Visit to the Cemetery,' but also to guided tours and recitals of classic music.

* Romania's National Art Museum suggests, under the sign of the Brancoveanu Year, a signal exhibition and a theme tour in the Gallery of Old Romanian Art, whereas the National Museum of Romania's History invites visitors to a trip along the six century long history of garments, occasioned by the temporary exhibition titled 'Clothes Do Make the Man,' supplemented by performances, workshops and historical and military reconstructions.

* The National Museum of Romania's History invites visitors to a varied programme on the Night of Museums. There will be such activities as: creation and museum education workshops; historical and military reconstructions; a period dress show; music, theatre and dance performances; visits to the permanent exhibitions titled 'Historical Treasure,' 'Lapidarium - Replica of Trajan's Column'; visits to the temporary exhibitions 'Clothes Do Make the Man. Six Century Long History of Garments' as well as the 'Exhibit of the Month: The Genealogical Tree of All States of Europe and of its Sovereigns, 1889. Dedicated to the President-Day Sovereigns.'

* The National Museum of Romanian Literature prepared the 'Marathon of Poetry and Jazz' and the National George Enescu Museum will give concerts at night under the motto 'Muses at the Museum.'

* The National Museum of Contemporary Art (MNAC) invites people to two different places: at the headquarters of the Parliament Palace, where there are several temporary exhibitions, and at the Dalles Hall, where there is the Autor fair of contemporary jewellery.

* After visiting the exhibition titled 'Sarkis - At the Other End of the Rainbow. From Sunrise till Sunset' (which has a pendant at MNAC too), the evening will come to an end at the National Museum of the Romanian Peasant with an A G Weinberger concert, organized in partnership with RNMR.
They will be able to visit the Irina Nicolau Hall, the Foaier Hall and the permanent exhibition. The works, which are placed in three parts of the museum, discuss the both melancholic and playful perception of childhood in various cultures and the immobility of the material world when the being disappears. This dialogue includes the recovery of a creative route of the Romanian identity elements suggested by Horia Bernea as a revealing mirror.

* At the National Museum of Firefighters, the Fire Tower, visitors will have the opportunity to get connected to the permanent exhibition.
On that evening alone, a few modern fire engines with their full equipment will be stationed in the park in front of the museum.
The brass band of the Bucharest military firefighters will give a concert with an appropriate repertoire between 6 pm and 10 pm in the same park.

* The Dimitrie Gusti National Village Museum organizes 'The Afternoon of the Museum' with shows of Romanian folk music and dance, the fair of the peasant handicraftsmen, exhibitions and creation workshops.
Moreover, visitors are invited to discover Lucian Blaga again during the Great Personalities programme.
The members of the Cleante Taraf bring to the fore the immortal music of the brilliant Bucharest of yore and manage, in every performance, to create again the atmosphere of Bucharest of the past, inviting people to go on an imaginary trip to a world full of stylish little pubs, elegant young ladies and well-mannered young men.
Visitors can participate in creation workshops making pots and glass icons, in a theme tour with a view to discovering the installations of peasant technique in the Village Museum and can buy various traditional products and bio cosmetics.

* At the Prof Ing Dimitrie Leonida National Technical Museum, between 6 pm and 8 pm, in the conference room of the museum, they will hold the conference dealing with the History of Romanian Energetics, which was organized by the Prof Ing Dimitrie Leonida National Technical Museum and the Society of the Romanian Energy Engineers, Youth Branch.
During the conference, besides lectures given by people of much repute in the field, they will also present the exhibits of the energy field, which are in the heritage of the Prof Ing Dimitrie Leonida National Technical Museum.
These distinct items will be seen by visitors in the basic exhibition. The museum will be open till 1 am.

* The Museum of the City of Bucharest this evening opens four of its headquarters: the Sutu Palace, the Theodor Aman Museum, the Amiral Vasile Urseanu Astronomic Observatory and the Curtea Veche Princely Palace, where there will be shows and performances, concerts and other special activities.

* On the European Night of Museums 2014, at the initiative of the Romanian Association for Culture, Education and Normalcy (ARCEN), the Central School of Bucharest opens its doors to people through a number of unusual events.
ARCEN begins the Sleepless Night at the Princely Boarding School for Young Ladies, starting at 7:30 pm. Visitors can take part in guided tours of the Central School, which will include the history of the boarding school for young ladies, stories about the inmates of the boarding school, stories about the women of the 19th century and explanations referring to the neo-Romanian architecture inaugurated by Architect Ion Mincu.
Visitors are also invited to visit photographer Alberto Grosescu's exhibition #bucuresci and at midnight ARCEN invites lovers of the city of Bucharest to a dialogue dealing with women's manners and habits in the 19th-century Bucharest.
Moreover, the guests will be able to have some cool lemon tea in the inner garden of the Central School, made according to the original recipe of the school, and drink it to the music of the Bella Musica quartet of the Ion Dacian Operetta and Musical Theatre, a garden where there will be public readings of the best known Romanian contemporary writers the entire evening.

* At the National Archives of Romania the story of Romania's neutrality time (1914-16) has been known and told for almost one century in its political and diplomatic aspect.

* The Carol I Central University Library this year will open its doors during the international event titled the Night of Museums, for the fourth year in a row. The creation of King Carol I's heart will be visited by people who are interested in knowing its history from its foundation in 1895 up to now.

* At the Eclectico Studio, Stirbei Palace, they will visit the exhibition titled 'Hotel Discret. Graphic Design and Product Design in Romania in 1950-1990,' a retrospective organized by Eclectico Studio and the Graphics Workshop.
'Hotel Discret' is an ample retrospective centred on the graphic design and the product one in Romania in 1950-1990.

* For the third time in a row the Spiru Haret University participates in the Night of Museums with a subject connected to Bucharest's life. This year debates and opinion polls will continue and they suggest creating, together with visitors, a map of the Bucharest centre and of the blockages that change certain areas of the urban territory into unattractive or even inaccessible spaces.

* At the Animal Farm they will admire the wonderful colours of the sunset on the farm, the animals that start preparing to go to sleep and people will discover older or newer stories about animals. Children will be able to participate in the creation workshops organized specially by the partners of the Farm.
According to Alina Patru, Bucharest people can plan their visit as efficiently as possible by using the maps printed together with the participating organizations, which are available at the museums on the night in question or online on the site of the event as well as the application for the mobile phones that can be downloaded from AppStore and Google Play.
The RATB buses will run the distance between museums through the special line Night of Museums, with the support of the City Hall of Bucharest. The Night of Museums will also continue in 2014 in partnership with MINI. AGERPRES

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