Terms of Use

The use of services and products offered by the Romanian National News Agency AGERPRES, named henceforth AGERPRES, through the www.agerpres.ro website is done with implicit consent to the Terms and Conditions detailed below.

1. General Terms

a) Access to this website or any part of it implies your consent, as an end-user, to the terms and conditions below. By continuing to use this website, you, named henceforth user, agree and acquiesce the full terms and conditions.

b) AGERPRES may, at any time, change the content of the website, may bring about structural, content and accessibility changes, may cease providing information on the website, with no prior agreement or notification towards users or to third parties.

c) AGERPRES may limit access to the website or parts of it. Furthermore, AGERPRES may limit access to certain IP addresses with no notification and with the incurrence of no liability.

d) Access to the online content of the www.agerpres.ro website is free. For users who are subscribers to the AGERPRES services authentication is necessary through a username and password.

e) AGERPRES reserves its right to modify the terms and conditions of the www.agerpres.ro website at any time, the amended version coming into force at the time of publication on the website.

2. Copyright

a) All items published on the website by AGERPRES (including, without limitation, articles, information, photographs, audio files, publicity banners) are protected by relevant legal provisions: Law no. 8/1996 regarding copyright and related rights, Law no. 84/1998 regarding trademarks and geographic indications and Law no. 129/1992, regarding the protection of drawings and models, holders of the protected rights being AGERPRES, or, in some cases, the content providers.

b) It is forbidden to copy, reproduce, recompile, decompile, distribute, publish, display, modify, create derived components or products or full services, as well as any exploitation of the site's content with the exception of displaying on the screen of a personal computer, printing and downloading for personal, non-commercial use of certain items explicitly designated as allowed, with the exception of maintaining the integrity of all elements referring to the intellectual property rights, other property rights and the terms of use of said items.

c) The reuse of information by publications or websites can be done only in agreement with the terms agreed by the Romanian Press Club: "the reuse without cost of press materials can be done only up to a limit of 500 characters, but without picking up more than half of said article or news item, ensuring thus both the free circulation of information, as well as the "press review" character of said internet pages. Compulsorily, in such cases, the source of the information must be mentioned. The reuse of more than that mentioned earlier can be done only in the basis of an agreement, financial or of another nature, with the holder of the rights". Websites that pick up information from the www.agerpres.ro website will quote the source of information with a link towards the website, as follows: - In the body of the news item, the quote will be made as such: In the first paragraph there will be an express mention that the source of information is AGERPRES (e.g.: "according to AGERPRES", "AGERPRES informs" or any other equivalent formula) and in the final paragraph of the news item there will be a mention in the form of 'Full story on www.agerpres.ro' (or any other equivalent formula), with a link leading to the www.agerpres.ro website. - Furthermore, at the end of the news item, after the last paragraph and outside it (or at the beginning of the news item, depending on the layout of said websites), a visible mention of the source will be made in the form of "SOURCE: AGERPRES", said mention providing a hyperlink to the www.agerpres.ro website. In case the material is picked up by AGERPRES from its information providers, the mentions of source will include them as well. d) In case a user notes that an item published on the www.agerpres.ro website infringes the copyright or any other right of third parties, he is asked to notify this situation through a message sent to AGERPRES.  e) The AGERPRES brand, the AGERPRES logo and www.agerpres.ro belong to the Romanian National News Agency AGERPRES, none of the mentioned items being allowed for use without the prior written approval of AGERPRES.

3. Limitation of liability

a) All information published on the www.agerpres.ro are broadcast by AGERPRES and its information suppliers. This website publishes instruments of information, but does not give advice nor recommendations referring to certain financial instruments, services or products.

b) Due to the high number of sources of information there can be delays, omissions or inaccuracies in the information and services provided by AGERPRES.

c) AGERPRES and its providers of information do not offer guarantees regarding the accuracy, sequence, completeness, timeliness or fitness for a certain purpose of the information offered on the website.

d) AGERPRES and its information providers are not liable for errors, inaccuracies or delays in supplying the content offered by the website and are not responsible for any action taken on the basis of that content. AGERPRES declines any responsibility in regards to guaranteeing the accuracy of the website's content or the way in which the information serves certain purposes. e) The user of the website is solely responsible both towards third parties, as well as to AGERPRES in regards to the accessing, use and exploitation of information published on the website.

f) AGERPRES is not responsible towards users, nor towards third parties for any damages, any disputes existent, born of or started in connection with the copying, storing, modifying or transferring the information published on the website in full or in part.

g) Any breach of the terms and conditions hereunder incurs the legal responsibility if users, be them individuals or companies, in accordance with existing laws.

4. Data protection

a) AGERPRES manages personal data of users that subscribe to the news services or the news alerts, of those who send feedback to AGERPRES, as well as of those who recommend to third parties articles published on the website (by using the option "send link to a friend by e-mail").

b) Users that have subscribed to receive news alerts have the possibility of unsubscribing the moment they wish to stop receiving them.

c) AGERPRES takes all security measures to ensure the confidentiality and protection of data and all personal information of users.

d) Users benefit from the right of access to managed data, the right to intervene within them, and the right to oppose the management of data and to request the deletion of data, as well as other rights provided by Law no. 677/2001 for the protection of persons regarding personal data and the free circulation of such data.

e) AGERPRES does not request personal information from users through correspondence unrequested by them. Any type of correspondence offering financial advice or any unrequested message that requests personal data should be considered a forgery and reported to AGERPRES through the feedback form available on the website

f) The www.agerpres.ro website uses cookies to identify users. These do not contain any personal data and present no risk in case they are intercepted by third parties.

g) AGERPRES stores and uses IP addresses for website administration, data collection, tracking user movements and for statistical purposes for internal use. IP addresses have no connection to personal information of users.

5. Terms and Conditions of Use for comment section of www.agerpres.ro website

The use or access of the comment section of the www.agerpres.ro website implies your agreement to respect the AGERPRES terms and conditions, including the right to use and distribute content/comments on our websites, services and products. The Romanian National News Agency AGERPRES is not responsible for statements or opinions expressed by third parties in the Comment section. The comments are automatically public through the LIVEFYRE platform. AGERPRES reserves the right to later redact or delete any of the comments inscribed in this section with no previous notification for the following:

a) Content considered abusive, threatening, aggressive, harassing or which could infringe the rights of other persons (rights guaranteed by the Romanian Constitution).

b) Content considered slanderous, offensive, obscene, vulgar, or which describes or calls for illegal acts or acts of violence.

c) Content expressing hatred towards others, that calls for discrimination of any kind (references to religion, race/ethnicity, gender, nationality or political convictions).

d) Uploading, attaching or distributing files containing files that contain software or other materials protected by laws referring to intellectual property, when the respective user does not hold proper rights over said files.

e) Uploading, attaching or distributing files that contain viruses, corrupt files or any other similar types of software.

f) Commercial offers or requests, unsolicited e-mail messages (spam), publicity with no prior approval from AGERPRES or requests for donations. This policy can be modified at any time. For the drawing up of the present guideline, the consultative approval of the Ombudsman Service of the Romanian National News Agency AGERPRES and the Romanian Federation of Journalists Mediasind was requested.