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The General Assembly of the Education in Inland Navigation Association (EDINNA) on Wednesday chose as vice president Romania's representative, Professor Ovidiu Sorin Cupsa PhD, the Director General of the Romanian Centre for Shipping Staff Training - CERONAV.

According to the spokesman for the CERONAV Ana Leganel, the General Assembly of the EDINNA in Brussels chose Dutch Arjen Mintjes as the organization's president, and the second position as vice president went to Manfred Wieck, the representative of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Ovidiu Cupsa told AGERPRES that receiving the vice presidency of the EDINNA confirms the recognition at European level of the activity and performance of the CERONAV, one of the most important suppliers in the field of training and certification of shipping staff at the continental level.

'I believe that Romania, together with the Netherlands and Germany, are the three major players on the Corridor Rhine—Main-Danube and together with my colleagues Doina Munteanu, Ghiuler Manole and Vasile Pipirigeanu I have demonstrated that once again in Brussels. I am convinced that in this term I will be able to actively promote the interests of Romanian shipping staff in developing training standards, promotion of some single European directives and recognizing our certifications. A first step was taken for the recognition of the certificates issued by the CERONAV for the Rhine Navigation Central Commission, by accepting, on January 22, in Strasbourg, our auditing by this commission. We addressed this issue also here, in Brussels, during a bilateral meeting with Hans van der Werff, the Secretary General of the Rhine Navigation Central Commission, who assured us of his personal support for this recognition,' said Ovidiu Cupsa.

The CERONAV is a founding member of the association, and through Wednesday's elections, Romania is the only country that holds two of the six positions on the EDINNA Board. Thus, Doina Munteanu, director of the CERONAV Centre, has been an EDINNA Board member since the organization's 2009 establishment.AGERPRES


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