Four Romanian troops injured in Afghanistan; now out of danger

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Four troops of the Romanian Yellow Scorpions 2nd Manoeuvre Battalion were injured in Afghanistan after the armoured vehicle carrying them on a mission overturned at around noon (Romanian time) on Sunday, the National Defence Ministry announced in a release to AGERPRES.

"The four troops were on a patrolling mission on A1 highway, in Afghanistan's Zabul province, when a tyre blew out, overturning the MRAP infantry group vehicle carrying them. Following the accident, NCO Major Dorin Segedi and Corporals Third Class Sorin Banulescu, Sergiu Ola and Elena Cristina Marin sustained injuries. After receiving first aid on site, the military were urgently evacuated to Apache military base hospital", the release said.

The four troops are currently out of danger and are being monitored by specialised medical staff, the ministry announced.

"The National Defence Ministry leadership, alongside the commanders of the troops' unit is carefully watching how their state of health develops", the release said.AGERPRES


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