German Ex-Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder in Bucharest

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German Ex-Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder will attend the Conference on Europe Whereto? Economic Solutions of the Left that the Ovidiu Sincai Institute Foundation stages in Bucharest, on Friday.

The event is followed by a news conference by Germany's Ex-Chancellor.

Gerhard Schroeder, is to stay in Romania for a couple of hours, only, and will have a private meting with Romania's former President Ion Iliescu, with the President of the Social Democratic Party (PSD — in opposition) Victor Ponta, with the head of the PSD National Council and president of the Social Democratic Institute Adrian Nastase and with MEP Adrian Severin, organizers told Agerpres.

Also attending the event are members of the Institute's Scientific Council, members of the Patronage Council, personalities of the Romanian Left and the public life.

Schroeder's visit happens during the same week when incumbent German Chancellor Angela Merkel paid an official visit to Bucharest, on Tuesday. AGERPRES

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