Thousands rally in Mioveni to protest hurdles to local car industry

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Several thousand people participated on Wednesday in the protest rally called by the Automobile Dacia Trade Union in Mioveni - Arges County.


According to the organizers, almost 10,000 people packed the city central square, both Dacia plant employees, personnel of the supplier facilities, and representatives of the unions affiliated to the National Trade Union Bloc (BNS).

The protesters chanted "Unity !", "Down with the Government!" and "Down with Basescu!"

"Why 'Down the Government'? If today's rulers would have had just a shred of patriotism we wouldn't have taken today to the public square to urge them to build the Sibiu — Pitesti motorway which is the connection between Vienna and the [port of] Constanta. (...) Why 'Down with Basescu'? Because he turned the employees into slaves, he bent the Labour Code so as to suit the interests of others, not of the Romanian citizens," argues leader of the Automobile Dacia Trade Union Nicolae Pavelescu, who urged the protesters to stay united.

Deputy union leader Ion Iordache also calls for trade unity.

"Let's call this rally a rally for our future, for Romania's future. (...) We must be united. They are aware of our strength, but we are not. (...) I believe with all my heart that such a demonstration won't go ignored by the rulers," said Ion Iordache.

He warned of the risk that powerful investors leave Romania if the issues related to transport infrastructure are not promptly addressed and announced that if talks on the Pitesti — Sibiu motorway do not start next week, the Automobile Dacia Trade Union will continue protests.

"There are other protest possibilities, not just this. But this one is the handiest, in Pitesti we can rally massively, but we can also go to Bucharest. There are multiple possibilities of demonstration for the citizens of Romania," warned the Automobile Dacia Trade Union deputy leader.

BNS head Dumitru Costin, who was also present at the rally in Mioveni, announced other street protests in the coming months.

"Taking to the streets is the only solution, it's not negotiation or televised talks. Having people protest in the street, this is the only way to negotiate with these rulers," said the BNS leader.

The protest action in Mioveni, which was organized in support of the carmaking industry, of changing labor legislation and against the Government's decision to postpone the construction of the Pitesti — Sibiu motorway section, wrapped up without incidents. AGERPRES


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