Antonescu: PNL stands chance to lead Romanian politics, have president, prime minister by year-end

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The National Liberal Party (PNL, in opposition) leader Crin Antonescu says the party stands the chance to become the most important party in Romania this year, as he stressed, during a visit to Bacau (northeast of the capital) that the Liberals can have both the Romanian presidency and government by year-end.


'I do not hesitate at all when saying the PNL has a unique chance, which it has been pursuing for 25 years, to which it was close several times, namely to have a president and prime minister at the same time, the chance to be the leader of a parliamentary majority and a government and one that should take Romania to the direction it must go to by acting in agreement with the future president', Antonescu told a meeting of the local party branches.

He argued that the political battle this year will be waged between two ?pivotal' parties — the Social Democrat Party (PSD, at rule) and the PNL. He called on the Liberal members to get involved in the electoral campaigns in order to win 25 percent at the elections for the European Parliament and then win the presidential polls scheduled in November.

Antonescu underscored 'the PNL gives its best in tough situations' and 'it finds energy that no other party has'.AGERPRES


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