PSD's Diaconu proposes changes in citizenship acknowledgement

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Social Democratic Party (PSD) MP Bogdan Diaconu on Tuesday submitted to the Chamber of Deputies a legislative proposal for the acknowledgment of the Romanian citizenship to all those who acquired it by birth in the territories that used to be an integrant part of Romania until August 23, 1944, as well as to their descendants up to third times removed.

Photo credit: (c) Alex Micsik / AGERPRES ARHIVA

'We shall be able to end the slow and unjust process which those who are Romanians by birth and have the right to this citizenship though their parents and grandparents have to go through, a costly, humiliating and long process for obtaining the Romanian citizenship, as if belonging to a different ethnicity,' Diaconu maintains, according to a press release issued on Tuesday.

Diaconu adds that this law could easily and efficiently solve the problems of the historic communities of Basarabia and Ukraine today, who must take on a difficult battle to keep their Romanian identity, because the Romanian state refuses them their natural right of being Romanian citizens.

'Law No 21/1991 on the Romanian citizenship establishes the ways of acquiring and losing the Romanian citizenship, but does not deal with the issue of keeping the Romanian citizenship, a situation in which Romanians find themselves in historic Romanian communities inhabiting those territories that were integrating parts of Romania, such as, for instance, the situation of the Romanians in the Republic of Moldova and certain areas of Ukraine, based on the jus sanguinis principle,' Diaconu points out. AGERPRES


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