Ponta: I wish Gov't to start working as of tomorrow already

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Romanian Prime Minister Victor Ponta said after the Parliament had approved his new Government on Tuesday that he wants the executive to start working ?as of tomorrow already'.

Photo credit: (c) Liviu Sova / AGERPRES FOTO

'I thank the parliamentarians who are still attending, I also thank those who, after having voted, went to other activities. I very much wish that the Government, together with the Parliament of Romania, should start doing the job for which it has been elected as of tomorrow already', Ponta said in addressing the legislature.

The resolution regarding the modification of the structure and political composition of the Government of Romania was adopted by the Chamber of Deputies and Senate in a joint sitting on Tuesday by 346 votes for and 191 against.

According to Senate Secretary Ion Rotaru, the resolution got a majority of the deputies' and senators' votes.AGERPRES


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