ForMin Corlatean, NATO SecGen Rasmussen discuss in Brussels latest developments in Ukraine

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Romania's Foreign Minister Titus Corlatean in Brussels met Secretary General of NATO Anders Fogh Rasmussen at NATO's General Headquarters, after attending an extraordinary meeting of the European Union foreign ministers. The main topic for discussion was the latest developments in Ukraine and their implications to regional and European security.

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Romania's Foreign Ministry (MAE) reports in a press release that Corlatean reiterated Romania's firm support for the North-Atlantic Council's joint position adopted on March 2, 2014 condemning Russia's military action in Ukraine's Crimea region, reiterating NATO member states' support for Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity, as well as calling on Russia to meet its multilateral and bilateral commitments to Ukraine.

Corlatean is quoted as having reiterated the need for the legislation in force concerning the stationing of foreign troops in the Ukrainian region of Crimea being observed, as accepted by Ukraine.

In his conversation with Rasmussen, Corlatean emphasised the need for Russia to observe the provisions in the United Nations Charter, as well as the rules and principles of the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), pointing out that Ukraine remains an important partner to NATO and Romania as well.

Corlatean also voiced worries over the state of security in Romania's immediate vicinity, emphasising the need for negotiated solutions being found to the ongoing crisis that will observe Ukraine's territorial integrity.

He mentioned that in view of Ukraine's getting closer to the European Union and in keeping with the aspirations of the Ukrainian people, the new authorities of Ukraine should deploy sustained efforts to observe democratic values, the rule of law as well as the rights of national minorities.

In his turn, Rasmussen said he shares Romania's position, condemning Russia's military action and underscoring NATO's major concern over the security developments of the past days in the Crimea Peninsula, pointing to the North-Atlantic Council's statement approved one day previously.

Rasmussen also reiterated NATO's determination to contribute to security tensions being eased.

Both officials appreciated the importance for conjugated and coordinated action of the international organisations in relation to this matter.

They also exchanged opinions on the main issues concerning NATO ahead of its future summit meeting in the UK.

In this context, Corlatean underscored the special importance of the trans-Atlantic relationship as fundamentals of the Alliance and a guarantee for European and international security. AGERPRES


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