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Maria Rosetti (1819-February 13/14, 1893) was the first woman journalist in Romania. Born in England, at Guernesey, she was the wife of politician and journalist C. A. Rosetti.

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She took part in the 1848 Revolution in Walachia and was also an advocate of the Romanians' rights and an ardent supporter of women's rights. Since 1857 she was editor of several newspapers, magazines and almanacs, especially Romanul, which was found by her husband. She published the weekly literary journal 'Mama si copilul' (July 1865-April 1866), which included articles and translations in support of child's education. During the Balkan War (1877-78) she ran a field hospital south of the Danube and set up the Women's Committee, with the help of which she managed to collect substantial funds for the army and hospitals.
* * *Sarmiza Bilcescu-Alimanisteanu (April 27, 1867-August 26, 1935) was the first Romanian woman lawyer, the first woman in Europe to get the degree in law from the Paris University (1887) and the first woman in the world who was a doctor of law, at the Sorbonne, with her dissertation titled 'The Judicial Condition of the Mother' (1890). In 1891 she was admitted to the Ilfov Bar, which included Bucharest too at that time and was headed by the famous lawyer and politician Take Ionescu. But Sarmiza Bilcescu has never worked as a lawyer. After marrying Constantin Alimanisteanu, she retired from the bar, but continued to be active in feminist circles. On March 18, 1894 she established the Society of Romanian Young Ladies, which aimed at the Romanians' cultural unity and the increase in the level of women's education.
* * *Maria Teohari (April 22, 1885-1975) was the first woman astronomer in Romania. After a short probation in Bucharest, she took special courses in Paris and Nice. She especially worked on observations of the Sun, but she wore nothing to protect her eyes. She came back to Romania in 1914 and worked for a long time with the Astronomic Observatory in Bucharest. In the yearbook of the observatory she published articles about sun spots and other heavenly phenomena. She also published in Natura journal articles for promoting astronomy. After a few years the eyesight began to grow weaker and she had to give up astronomical research. She taught mathematics and astronomy at the Dominta Ileana upper secondary school in Bucharest and continued to cooperate with the observatory. AGERPRES


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