Reason for UDMR's joining Gov't - Romania's need for political, government stability in electoral year

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The Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania (UDMR) joins the government because Romania needs political and government stability in an electoral year, at a time of grave events taking place in the neighborhood, Union leader Kelemen Hunor declared on Monday after he and Prime Minister Victor Ponta signed the agreement under which UDMR joins the ruling alliance.

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"I am sure that whenever we participated in the government we managed to contribute to the development of Romania and to the society's political and economic stability. And in reaching this not quite easy decision I must admit having taken into account these aspects, having also considered the interests of the Hungarian community and the Romanian-Hungarian relations," said the UDMR president.

Kelemen Hunor added that in the period that has passed since the 2012 parliamentary elections he has been permanently in dialogue with Prime Minister Victor Ponta, who showed openness and understanding for the problems of the national minorities.

"I know we have a difficult road, a tough period ahead of us, but through our seriousness and competence I am convinced that we will succeed to ensure a good governance. Its good governance that we are after. Every day we lay a brick to the construction of our country," added the UDMR president.

President of the Social Democratic Party (PSD), Prime Minister Victor Ponta, and head of the Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania (UDMR) Kelemen Hunor on Monday signed an agreement on the Union's joining the government, based on the Government's Programme passed by Parliament in 2012. AGERPRES


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