PSD National Executive Committee meeting convened on Monday

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The National Executive Committee (CEX) of the ruling Social Democratic Party (PSD) will meet on Monday, March 3, starting 18:00 hours at the Palace of Parliament, to decide the future structure of the Ponta Cabinet - without the National Liberal Party (PNL). The new line-up will be presented to Parliament on Tuesday, March 4.


On the same occasion, the Social Democrats will also assess Romania's political situation, as well as the existing options for shaping up a parliamentary majority to support the future government.

Elections to the European Parliament will also be on the discussion agenda of the CEX meeting, according to PSD Secretary General Andrei Dolineaschi.

"Many other topics will also be approached, including elections to the European Parliament, the new government structure. There are many decisions to make in the Executive Committee meeting, also taking into account the political situation," the PSD Secretary General told AGERPRES on Thursday.

Prime Minister Victor Ponta announced that next Tuesday he would come before Parliament with the new government formula.

"The important thing is that on Tuesday we shall go before Parliament for a new vote on the Government's structure and political organisation. (...) Starting on Tuesday, we shall have full-term ministers. The most important thing for Romania is to have stability and continuity in what we do," Prime Minister Victor Ponta announced on Wednesday, February 26. AGERPRES


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