PM Ponta: Cooperation agreement signed with minorities' group in 2012, updated

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Prime Minister Victor Ponta said after meeting the representatives of the national minorities' parliamentary group on Monday that the cooperation agreement signed with them in 2012 was "updated".

Photo credit: (c) Liviu Sova / AGERPRES FOTO

"I confirm that we have updated the cooperation agreement signed in 2012 with the national minorities' group, because for any Government, regardless it's the Government I am heading or any other Government, the support and consultation with the national minorities' representatives in Parliament is a sign of European policy. Together with the group's leader, Mr. Pambuccian, with all the other members of the national minorities' group, we work as partners in important projects, not only for the minorities, but in projects related to the economic, social development, our better integration into the EU and to ensure Romania's medium and long-term development," Ponta said.

Victor Ponta thanked the representatives of the national minorities' parliamentary group, saying they were "very serious and loyal partners."

"All legal provisions related to the minorities have been so far discussed with the minorities' group and will be, we have approached some proposals that would be debated by Parliament. There is nothing new or special from this point of view," PM Ponta said. AGERPRES


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